By Watipaso Mzungu

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Umodzi Party (UP) president Professor John Chisi has told Malawians to reflect on their contribution to the socioeconomic aspirations of the country instead of blaming President Lazarus Chakwera.

Chisi, speaking in an interview on Wednesday morning, observed that most Malawians spend time blaming the leadership for every social and economic problem facing the country.

Prof Chisi and Mwenefumbo during the Malawi’s 58th birthday

“A leader for Malawi is a Malawian who was born and grew up under the fabrics of Malawi. So, how do you expect him to behave differently from the fabric behaviour of Malawi? So, when you want to change the nation, you have to define your own objectives not others,” he said.

Chisi, who stressed that he was not trying to drum support for Chakwera, challenged that Malawi, as a country, cannot develop unless citizens participate in activities and programmes designed to transform the nation.

He argued that the President himself alone does not hold solutions to the problems the country is going through.

Meanwhile, President Chakwera has also challenged Malawians to be active participants in the fight against the social and economic challenges that the country is currently going through.

Chakwera, who was speaking at Malawi Square today during the commemoration of the 58th Malawi Independence Day, emphasized that the decisions citizens will make regarding the direction the country must take matters most in addressing these challenges.

“On this 58th Commemoration of Malawi’s Independence Day, we stand at a crossroads as a nation. We stand in the valley of decision, and we must make a choice.

“We must choose what our conduct towards national development will be, whether we will sit in the stands as individual spectators to point out the problems in our midst or run on the field as one team to help Malawi reach its goal of self-reliance and prosperity,” said the President.

He added: “We must choose what our attitude towards our fellow citizens will be, whether to mock Malawians who keep trying to make a difference even after failing publicly or to cheer them on and ignite their faith in the success that will be theirs if they do not give up.

“We must choose what our relationship with government and public institutions will be, whether it will be one of direct engagement to offer help to public officers who operate under very challenging circumstances or one of distant castigation to throw stones and insults at them for our own popularity and amusement.”

Chakwera further challenged Malawians to choose whether to be on the side that contributes to Malawi’s problems of poverty, corruption, greed, foreign exploitation, gossip, negativity, laziness, hopelessness, crime, low standards, discrimination, vandalism, tribalism, and the abuse of power and resources, or on the side that contributes to Malawi’s development, reforms, investment, positivity, hard work, transparency, patriotism, freedom, security, peace, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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