By Thandie Chadzandiyani

A court in US has sentenced the author of ‘How to murder your husband, Nancy Crampton Brophy, to life in prison for murdering her husband.

The 71 year old was convicted in May of second-degree murder in the June 2018 death of her husband, chef Daniel Brophy, who was gunned down at the culinary school where he taught cooking classes.

The author was found guilty of second degree murder last month and was sentenced on Monday.

Investigation revealed that the that she shot her husband in 2018 for a $1.5m (over MK1.5 billion) life insurance pay-out.

BBC reported that the presented surveillance footage by the prosecutors in court showed that Crampton Brophy drived to and from the Institute at the time of the crime.

Crampton Brophy reportedly purchased a gun of the same make and model as the murder weapon prior to the gunning of her husband.

Prosecutors successfully argued that Crampton Brophy had the motive and the means to murder her partner since the couple was struggling financially, and the woman stood to pocket a hefty insurance pay-out after his death.

Taking the stand in her own defence, the author claimed she had a “memory hole” from the morning of Brophy’s death.

She however failed deny her presence around the Institute where the gruesome killing took place on the day of the crime.

A jury of 12 found her guilty of second-degree murder after deliberating for less than two days. She was sentenced to life in prison but there is possibility of parole after 25 years.

Crampton Brophy had written years before the crime, the essay titled “How to murder your husband”.

In the essay, she said: “The thing I know about murder is that every one of us have it in him/her when pushed far enough.”

She listed a number of ways to commit the murder, from guns and knives to poison and hitmen.

In her essay,sShe said: “It is easier to wish people dead than to actually kill them”.

The essay was not used as evidence in the trial as a judge rejected because it was penned years earlier as part of a writing seminar.

Brophy is also the author of the novels such as “The Wrong Husband” and “The Wrong Lover”.

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