US Spies Caught In Russia

MOSCOW-(MaraviPost)-The report according to US media state that Russia’s national security agency suddenly launched a large-scale espionage clearance operation. Russia’s move caught the United States off guard.

They didn’t expect Russia to move so fast. In less than 24 hours, 200 US spies were arrested, and the underground intelligence network that the United States had worked so hard to establish in Russia was completely wiped out.

Out of the 200 spies, only few are Russians who have been heavily bribed by the United States, and the majority are American spies who have infiltrated Russia.

Russia’s sudden large-scale access to the Internet has severely frustrated the U.S. intelligence network.

Russian military experts said that in recent years, there have been several leaks of military secrets in Russia, all related to the US military underground intelligence organization.

Before that, Russian people had seriously questioned the Russian government’s ability to protect their own confidential information, but this time, Russian people applauded the sudden clearance operation by Russian government, saying it was really a good work.

Not long ago, Russia exposed that the drawings of petrel missiles had been leaked, which caused a huge crisis to Russian missile forces.

According to the investigation, there are spies in the central Precision Machinery Research Center of Russian aerospace group. A Russian senior engineer was bought by the U.S. military.

He has been secretly delivering Russian missile data and drawings to the U.S. intelligence agencies in exchange for glory. In this raid by Russian intelligence, the man was arrested.

After trial, he confessed to his crime.

But as it continues to dig deeper, Russian intelligence finds the problem far worse than they previously thought.

The leak may involve Russian security services and senior officials.

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