Secretary General for UTM Party Patricia Kaliati

By Alfred Manjawira

Secretary General for UTM Party, Patricia Kaliati has launched  campaign in  Mulanje west  with prayers  as she bids for another  term in  office.

The  mass prayers which saw hundreds of people in attendance  were conducted on Sunday morning at Namulenga Parish before the bonanza launch later in the afternoon.

The idea of holding prayers  before  campaign starts was welcomed and highlighted by the members of the church. Father Joseph Muhero of Namulenga Parish described the Kaliati’s gesture as the best example to others  and a lesson to those who think that politics is for unbelievers  and bad people.

“I would like to clear the misconception of many people who disregard  and  demonize politics. We as the church look after our flock  and we always say  leaders are chosen by God. It is by these words  that we feel that the church has a role to play in leadership of the society or government and it means that there is a common agenda  between the church and political leaders.  We both take care of Gods people and as a church we encourage our  people to take part in politics.

“It is within our code of responsibility as a catholic  church  to  support anyone willing to take part in issues of national building. Honorable Kaliati is our daughter and it is our responsibility to help and keep  her  in  Prayers . Her coming to pray with us means she is a woman of peace . The civil society , government as well as the church  all want peaceful campaign and elections hence our plea to all Malawians to put God first in this period”, Father Muhero concluded.

Kaliati expressed gratitude to the people of her constituency  and the church for honoring her request to be part of the mass prayers and most importantly  for preaching unity and love so that people of Mulanje  West should  experience peaceful campaign time.

” I should thank my brothers , cousins and my family for standing by me in all times , I am also thankful to the church and everyone in attendance for showing their endless  support to me. Church leaders are our fathers and it is time like this where we feel we cannot do it alone without God.

“We know God has always been with us since  UTM’s  inception and will still guide us as we approach general elections. All I ask from the people is peace , we know some of them have been humiliated and beaten for simply supporting me. I would like those people to know that I do not take their suffering for granted. I really appreciate and we should be strong , hold hands until we all see the Malawi that we wan”, hinted Kaliati.

Later in the afternoon ,thousands of people gathered at Namulenga football ground to witness the much awaited campaign launch as well as the MK2 million  soccer bonanza kick off.

The bonanza launch saw most youths in jovial mood and great appreciation . Namulenga is a highly populated village  said to have a swing vote as far as Mulanje west  is concerned .