By Venencia Kabwila

Malawi has been drifting for many years. It was ruled by parties that had no aims.

The political parties had no ideologies They were parties formed according to tribal lines.

In 2018 a new party has been formed. This party knows no tribal boundaries. It is UTM Party.

This party if elected into government it will transform Malawi. It is formed on the transformation ideology.

With its leader DR. Saulos Chilima and his vice Dr. Micheal Usi, the party will transform the mindset of the citizens and also transform the way the government operates.

The previous governments were competing to dislodge one another in quest of ruling and looting resources for their tribes and friends not to develop the country.

UTM Party promises to change the mindset of the citizens in all spheres of life. For example it will use education and education to change people’s attitudes towards women and the girl child, work ethics in government, and change in the way of conducting government affairs. It will instill the culture of hard work, integrity and transparency.

UTM Party will not depend on enacting laws but will facilitate a discourse I examining positive and negative values in customs and culture.

UTM Party  will work to transform the mindset of our society towards environment. Transforming mindset will not mean enacting laws that prosecute people who destroy the environment, buy also encouraging  and rewarding those who work hard to preserve and conserve and restore it.

Transformation will also change the way state resources are managed such as revenue collection, fiscal management.There would be decentralisation of resources to enable different districts to take charge of their affairs. This will also galvanize districts to be innovative in finding ways to improve their resource base.

UTM Party is going to transform even agriculture; the way it is done also using the mega farms. Farmers will realise the fruits of their sweat.

Corruption and repression of the poor will end.

Last but not least the removal of president’s immunity will cap it all.

The compromised judiciary will be removed. Corrupt policemen , army, immigration ,traffic is going to be a thing of the past.

Every citizen must vote for UTM Party. This is the gift of Silver Jubilee for Malawi.


DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post

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