A video showed her lying down in the dock, cleaning her nails, then standing on a bench when the judge came into the court

A 21 year-old medical student in Moldova was arrested on suspicion of killing her mother by cutting out her heart and other internal organs while she was still alive in a knife attack.

According to Police statement, Anna Leikovic used a kitchen knife to stab her mother Praskovya Leikovic, 40 and left her alive before she returned and gouged out the internal organs including her lungs and intestines.

Report by New York Post revealed that the aspiring Instagram influencer with nearly 10, 000 followers committed the diabolic act when her Leikovic’s mother returned to their home after a stint working in Germany.

Praskovya reportedly arranged for her daughter to receive treatment after suspecting that she had been taking drugs which angered the 21 year old and it is believed to have been the catalyst for her actions.

Police spokeswoman Lyubov Yanak Said Anna will be charged with murder and investigation is underway to establish the motive for the murder.

Yanak added that at the moment there is no other suspects.

Commenting on the matter, Anna’s uncle Vladimir said his niece had not been in rehab and he doesn’t believe she was capable of committing such gruesome act.

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