LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Exactly a year after Former Head of Intelligence Kenam Kallilani and his accomplice Ex-State House Chief ICT guru Chance Chingwalungwalu were arrested for theft of intelligence computers and systems.

Malawians on Sunday evening went to town on Mibawa Television to express their dissatisfaction on how the case in which the two are accused of theft of national Intelligence and related items has dragged , saying the crimes the two committed in June 2020 were tantamount to treason and espionage which is a threat to national security, thereby making their case a matter of national interest .

Viewers who made phone calls to Mibawa Television on the program said they were surprised as to why the case has stalled without meaningful progress, wondering if the arrest of Kallilani and Chingwalungwalu who served in the former administration of President Mutharika was a politically motivated kind of persecution or seeking for justice .

According to our investigations, the case had been adjourned to a date to be communicated later on 28 January , 2021 due to the fact that presiding Principal Resident Magistrate Viva Nyimba at that particular time was down with Covid-19, this was a day Kalilani alongside his co-accused Chingwalungwalu were to take plea.

It’s on record that presently, Viva Nyimba got promoted and moved to High Court as Assistant Registrar.

Kalilani and Chingwalungwalu are currently on court bail since August 10 , 2020 .

In the previous court appearance on December 17, 2020, the court directed the State Prosecutors to provide the court and defence lawyers with disclosures within 14 days from December 17 but our investigations have established that to date.

The state has not served defense lawyers and the courts with disclosures casting doubts if the arrest of the two was genuine.

The two were arrested on July 25 , 2020. They have appeared before the court for more than six times with numerous adjournments as sought by the state.

The development which triggered Malawians to speak on a Mibawa TV program that if justice is delayed to be served , it’s the same as denying justice to the accused .

Malawians are worried that with such delays in delivering justice on this matter of national importance, saying tax payers might one day deep big in their pockets to compensate the two for malicious prosecution.

If the state knows that the two have no case, it was better to discharge them and save tax payers money .

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