LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The country’s leading Smartphone and network provider Airtel Malawi on Monday launched credit data usage tips for its customers.

Dubbed as PA NET DATA TIPS Campaign, the initiative aims at equipping customers for proper usage of data amid improved network which is consuming much credit data.

The launch comes also amid general outcry of users that their data is not sustainable when using due to improved 3G network coverage in the cities as well as stronger 3G indoor coverage.

A few months ago, the company has been upgrading it network coverage that has led to faster data speeds and consumption stemming from our internet speeds.

Tips will be published monthly via print, Airtel social media pages and digital (online) that other tips will highlight how to monitor app usage, manage background app behaviour, automatic downloads, tethering and software updates among others.

Emmanuel Kasambala, Airtel Malawi Marketing Director told news conference in the capital Lilongwe that customers must value their monies with proper usage of the data amid economic challenges.

Kasambara observed that due to improved network there has been also increased consumer usage behaviours like tethering, video streaming, regular app updates, utilisation of WhatsApp statuses, snap chats, Instagram among others.

“Not surprisingly, we have also recently noted a surge in complaints like, “my bundle has finished faster than I expected.” from customers. For such scenarios, we have been hands-on in assisting customers by verifying their usage patterns and confirming how their data has been depleted on their Smartphone’s by among other tools, using the customers’ in-built data tracker for android phones or the My Data Manager mobile app for iPhones.

“From the Pa Net Data Tips Campaign, we will share tips on how Smartphone users can monitor the mobile applications that use up the most data and manage the behavior of some apps, and even how users can best manage a Smartphone as a hotspot (also known as tethering), and so on. Our aim is to make sure our customer’s data experience on the Smartphone network becomes a true testament of quality and efficiency,” said Kasambara.