Are you planning a holiday? Will it involve a long road trip? Will you have restless children in the car asking, “Are we there yet?” Maybe there are some bored adults in the back seat. Many of us have experienced these issues when we’re on the road.

A trip can be great fun. It can also be stressful for everyone, especially the driver, who has to focus on the road. It can be distracting if all the people in the car aren’t occupied. Here are some suggestions for entertainment on the road to keep passengers happy.

Some are activities many of us will remember from traveling when we were children. Others are novel, like playing poker in the car. Alexandra Nereng is Digital Marketing Manager. She says Norwegians love to visit the casino’s website to gain extensive knowledge about casinos in Norway, and she also loves to play poker online when she’s on the road.

1. Sing

Most people seem to enjoy singing in a car. There are so many songs everyone knows. There are favourites from the movies and well-loved hit songs, even opera arias (if someone has a good voice). Many of us learned rounds like the inevitable “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream” as children. Norway also has many folk songs that people love. Singing can make everyone happy and help the time pass.

2. Play I Spy

Who doesn’t know this car game? You have to start a sentence with “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with” (a letter of the alphabet). If you don’t start like that, your turn doesn’t count. Everyone has to guess what the speaker spies outside the vehicle. The person who gets it right takes the next turn.

3. Play poker

Playing poker on a car ride can be great fun. You don’t even need cards. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can play online poker. 

Visit the betting sider norge. There, you’ll find out all about the best online casinos. You can even win some money to spend when you reach your destination.

4. Tell jokes

All the people in the car must know a joke that no one else has heard. Even if they’ve listened to it before, it might be funny enough to repeat. Children can surprise you with good jokes they hear from friends or at school.

5. Practise spelling

Take turns spelling words that everyone suggests. The person who gets the spelling right comes up with the next word. Some of the results can be hilarious, especially if people recommend difficult words.

6. Rhyming words

One passenger says a word, and another replies with a rhyming word. The game keeps going until one person can’t come up with a new word. That person then starts a new round.

7. Listen to the radio

You’ll pick up broadcasts from the areas you travel through. They can be fascinating. The radio can give you some valuable local knowledge. Radio stations also play great music for everyone to listen to between games.

8. Truth and lies

Take turns making one truthful statement and one a lie. Other people in the car have to guess which is which. The winner then makes two statements.

9. Read

Someone can read aloud to all the people in the car. They could read from a travel guide. They can also bring books to read on the journey.

10. Build a story

Everybody in the car contributes to telling a story. One person starts by saying a sentence like “Once upon a time…!” The next person contributes a follow-up sentence. The game goes on until someone can’t add anything else. The story can take on a life of its own, depending on everyone’s imaginations. It can follow some bizarre twists and turns or end up being very funny.

You might be planning a holiday or a visit to relatives or friends in other parts of Norway. Maybe you want to travel to another country in Europe. We hope our suggestions will help you enjoy your trip.

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