High Atlas Foundation, collaborates with the people of Morocco

The US-Moroccan NGO, High Atlas Foundation, collaborates with the people of Morocco as they perpetuate their heritage utilizing local and global partnerships.

Association Mimouna, the Foundation of Memories for the Future, and others are at the foreground in Morocco to encourage the public’s rediscovery of Christian and Jewish dimensions of the nation. Further, people at the Embassy of the United States in Rabat are dedicated to assisting Morocco in its initiatives for cultural preservation and to enable the nation’s youth to explore and more deeply internalize their historic identity of religious and ethnic diversity and unity.

Morocco’s relationship with Israel can be a gateway for Moroccan-Jewish people – along with other members of Morocco’s diaspora – to return to the land of their origins and join this national effort to restore long-held sacred locations that epitomize the country’s embracing of its intercultural self. Collaborations are crucial to sharing knowledge lest it be ever forgotten, to inspiring the world, and to making the lives and livelihoods of the Moroccan people better today.

Yossef Ben-Meir
President, High Atlas Foundation

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