Even in the face of a humiliating political defeat, JB remains a stubborn politician who despite some sections of the local media branding her as a “closed chapter”, she has the tenacity to bounce back and cause some political ripples.

In politics, the rule is that never write-off anyone until someone is six feet under.

Fortunately for JB, she is loved at the world stage and back home the citizens felt she did not deserve to be elected into office in May. I don’t know whether a recount would have made any difference.

Some western governments were puzzled—or are still puzzled-why JB did not make it after an accidental two years at Kamuzu and Sanjika palaces. But they should have checked the reality on the ground and discovered they were backing a wrong tree.

It is this international connection that JB will continue to use to show that she is still made of iron. She will forever be in the air—flying from one western capital to another, talking politics.

And my advice to president APM is this: Leave JB alone. Let her do whatever she wants to do, let her hog the limelight, let her talk like she is still the president of Malawi, let her practice politics back home and win in 2019, but if she stole money, yes, pounce on her.

JB is simply a stubborn politician who has her own ways of doing things. She will lead the PP the way she wants it; that’s her party and she is the boss.

Enough of that, now let me tell you why we should be proud of her as she gets invited abroad to give a lecture here and there. She passionately talks poverty-and the world listens.

Just this week, she told an American audience in Chicago that the main challenges to development in Africa are poverty, lack of opportunity and lack of income. True or false?

“Because of poverty, most families go hungry and are food insecure, which in turn impact on child development and growth,”  went on JB at the Women and Global Development Forum at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, in Chicago, Illinois.

This is the Forum which seeks to increase public awareness of global women’s issues and works with local, national and international partners to bring practitioners and thought leaders to Chicago for a series of discussions.

Through open dialogue, the forum increases awareness and understanding of emerging local and global challenges, successful development initiatives, and notable examples of leadership featuring women in the United  States and from around the world.

So JB, whom we all know loves the media exposure, was sure at her best, telling them “By protecting and investing in children, fighting corruption and empowering women, Africa may be able to solve many of its most endemic problems and fully engage in the global economy.”  True or false?

 You can read the full story on Maravipost website.

Just last month, JB attended  a high level meeting on “A world at School: Global Business Coalition for Education” organized by former Prime Minister of the United  Kingdom (UK) Gordon Brown’s Global Leaders Forum for  Education in New York, USA.

The meeting took place on the sidelines of the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly. Prime Minister Brown is UN’s Special Envoy for Education.

JB, in her address at the forum which angered the APM admin, called for a holistic approach in addressing education, especially girls’ education, arguing that there is a “stubborn link between girls education and maternal health, nutrition and population growth.”

JB called upon global leaders to increase support in keeping girls in school longer to finish secondary and tertiary education.

JB provides scores of scholarships to girls in Malawi, but I am not sure of the exact beneficiaries of her benevolent.

JB has for sure opened a floodgate of invitations to different fora around the globe and nobody, it seems, will stop her. And nobody should dare stop her. After all, she is Malawian.


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