Africa Institute for Capacity Development AICD says the continent can benefit more if it invents  into property management as this may  lead to many less privileged households have a huge say in the economy.

According to a statement from AICD this is the reason why they have organised an AICD  perty and facilities management international training in Nairobi kenya which will run from  17-28 June and has been dubbed  “where budget meets quality”

According to the statement the overview Facilities managers who will be in charge of the course are regularly tasked with the delivery of significant projects for their organisations.

These managers, according to the statement play so many roles and are tasked to carry out the best in their endeavours.

“These may range from the commissioning of new works, relocating staff to new accommodation, implementing new working methods or introducing environmental sustainability programmes.

This AICD Training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit: · Professionals who are responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of facilities (buildings, production facilities, utilities, power and water distributions networks landscaping, etc.)

The statement says by the end of the course  participants will be able to understand the key properties of a project and what activities benefit from a project management approach

This highly popular training course features how to establish, implement, manage and continually improve  facility department to get the best out of your facilities within the given boundaries of costs, performance and other important factors during its total lifetime.

 This training course is designed to develop delegate’s skills in managing facility staff and corporate assets while minimizing risk exposure in the workplace.

As the Property and Facilities Management (FM) function continues to evolve, this training course offers the latest thinking in the profession, right balance between asset performance (functionality, availability, reliability, safety), and will tackle specific issues encountered on the ground and apply best practices in discussing real solutions. This AICD Training course will feature: · Proper knowledge of the basis principles of Property and Facilities Management

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