Malawians on the social media have ganged up against British High Commissioner to Malawi, Holly Tett condemning an old woman affected by floods in Karonga District captured kneeling on the country vice President Saulos Chilima.

In tweet Maravi Post accessed, Tetti blasted the flood victim for kneeling on Chilima.

“This way of saying thanks “the traditional way” just doesn’t sit right with me. What’s wrong with the traditional way of just saying “thanks” and throwing in a smile for good measure?” twitted British Ambassador.

Tett’s tweet on Friday attracted mixed reactions among Malawians with many attacking the High Commissioner for her remarks.

Onjezani Kenani wrote: “To the British High Commissioner to Malawi, Holly Tett: every country has its culture. Respect it. In one of these photos for instance, the King of Swaziland is showcasing his.

“Imagine if some ambassador there were to say such a thing does not sit well with her. Men in Britain kneel for the Queen, nobody says a word. We expect better from someone at the level of High Commissioner.”

Echoing on the same, Prescott Wreath chipped in: “Various cultures have various ways of demonstrating respect, awe, reverence and gratitude to others. In Africa in general we bow, and if we are wearing hats we remove them to show respect for elders.

“Other cultures in Malawi bow before kings, lie down or sit down on the floor when their king is sitting on the throne. The woman is expressing naturally what is in her heart through a traditional practice in her culture. This is not forced. It’s a natural heartfelt way of expressing gratitude. For her she was so happy she did that. This is totally fine.”

Another concerned citizen identified as Gowa Andy asked Tett to stop interfering with African culture.

“You are not an African madam and you will not become one, even if you can stay in Africa for the rest of your life.

“Who questions some of the bizarre traditions you practice in UK. Scottish men put on that skirt, to us that is madness. You have an over aged queen in your Royal palace who questions that. Who has asked you to tell them when she will call it quit,” wrote Andy.

He added: “Your country allows same sex marriages, which to us is very strange. And you go a mile further to plant that uncouth behaviour on innocent Africans.

“Your country deliberately causes chaos in other countries for personal benefits. Nobody questions you madam.

“Henceforth stop interfering in other peoples way of life.

“Just a reminder, the mind of rubber stamping your believes on Africans has landed the Livingstonia Synod and the Ngoni chiefs into a tag of war as the former is demanding its culture back.”

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