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Authorities in Burkina Faso have said that the number of people who died in Wednesday’s jihadist attack has risen to 80.

The deaths occurred when a military convoy escorting civilians in northern Burkina Faso was attacked by militants.

Almost 60 of the victims were civilians, according to authorities with others being soldiers and members of a pro-government militia.

Burkina Faso’s information ministry also revealed that eighty Islamist militants were also killed in an attack near the town of Arbinda.

This is latest attack in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso, where militias linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group operate.

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Their activities also endangers Niger and Mali across the border, with security situation in the region fragile.

The deteriorating security situation triggered widespread protests last month calling on the government to take effective action.

It was the first march organised by opposition and civil society groups since President Roch Marc Christian Kabore was re-elected last year.

President Roch Marc Christian Kabore dismissed the ministers of defense and security, making himself the new minister of defense as a response.

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Armed groups linked to al-Qaeda and ISIL (ISIS) originally based in neighbouring Mali have embedded themselves across the north and east of the country, launching regular attacks on civilians.

Thousands of civilians have been killed and millions displaced since 2018.

Thousands stage protest over massacre in Burkina Faso

Source: Africafeeds.com

Source: Africa Feeds

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