Couple stuck during sex in Ghana

By Burnett Munthali

Men believe in having a lot of sex to prove that they are men enough. Just in one night alone, they go up to four or three rounds.

Some African men do sex almost everyday in that way they feel they are champions, real and kings in the bedroom.

However, when I listened to a doctor speaking on a live television broadcast, she said this was not safe for men as they would likely suffer from prostate cancer.

“The doctor said it would be healthier for men to have sex twice in a week and not more than that because each day a man has sex, he loses one pint if blood.

“As for the women, they just receive from the man and enjoy. “So, men should slow down and avoid over using the machine,” she confidently said.

They identified the side effects to include dehydration, lower back pain, bruises and soreness, injured nerves, strained muscles, increased body exhaustion, fracture and heart attack for those who have heart-related problems.

Men, in particular, have been shown to get benefits from sex.

A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology suggested that men in their 50’s who have sex at least twice per week have a reduced risk of heart disease compared with men who have sex less frequently.

Is having sex two times a day too much?

Yep, it’s okay to have sex as many times a day as you and your partner want.

As long as no one is being pressured to have sex more than they want to, there’s nothing wrong with having sex as often as feels right for you and your partner.

Men love sex, and when they are not sexually active, some of them will start acting up. You’ll know if a man hasn’t had sex in a while because he acts desperate, gets super clingy, and always tries to help out.

A man’s behavior when he hasn’t had sex can get incredibly annoying for a woman.

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