Failed money heist: Kenyan robbers nabbed daring bank robbery after drilling hole through bank wall

Police arrested five men attempting to drill a hole through bank wall in the middle of the night in Kamukunji on Friday, July 2.

Police in Nairobi confirmed the arrested in a statement in the early hours of the morning of Friday.

Citizen Digital reported that the suspects, Charles Mulo, Fredrick Muderwa, Jesse Muriuki, Gabriel Mungai, and Reuben Njuka booked themselves into guest rooms at a building which shares the same wall with Prime Bank OTC branch.

The suspects had planned to drill into the wall in the middle of the night before police raided the building. The suspects reportedly fled to safety in the building’s ceiling.

However detectives, brought the ceiling down and nabbed the suspects.

A number of tools including hacksaws, knotted twisted rope, metal drill, metal bars, metal cutter scissors, and a suitcase were recovered during the operation.

The suspects have been placed in lawful custody waiting for their court appearance.

 In recent years, Kenya has witnessed ongoing bank robberies ranging from forced access to ATM machines, coercing of bank official to unlock the cash vault, to drilling holes through bank walls.

In 2016, unknown robbers armed with gas welding machines drilled their way through the rear walls of an Equity Bank Branch in Kayole stealing millions of cash. A year later, robbers broke into Kenya Commerical Bank (KCB) and accessed the lender’s vault strong room and got away with Sh50 Million after drilling a huge underground tunnel.

 In April 2019, a gang of five robbers walked into a bank in Karatina, Nyeri county and stole Ksh873,280.

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