Malawi former ruling Peoples Party (PP) is in critical financial crisis a development which is putting a future of convention for the party in dilemma, officials have confirmed.

Speaking to the media, the party’s spokesperson Noah Chimpeni said the party has not even started preparations for the convention due to lack of money.

“We don’t have even the money for the preparations. However, we will still hold the convention,” he said.

Chimpeni however said all the party supporters are rallying behind the candidature of former president Joyce Banda as their presidential candidate.

Chimpeni said this has nothing to do with the decision by 13 tiny political parties to rally behind the former head of state on the 2019 presidential race.

He said there is still in conclusion on the formation of a grand coalition.

So far, main opposition Malawi Congress Party, Alliance for Democracy and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party are the only parties managed to hold convention.

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