Prince Blessings Beza
The Beza Family

Dedicated To Dear Wife Dolphine Nyirongo Beza

Marriage was created by God. No disputes and no arguments about it. The book of Genesis has it the best way. Even though we find a sad story to the couple soon after a few lines of their union, we cannot tell how long it took the couple from the day of their union, to the day the sinned and started the finger pointing game. Worse still, those few lines of the creation narration, do not tell us that the couple apologized to each other and how the blame game ended, but one thing is for sure, GOD DID NOT LIKE THE FINGER POINTING GAME. Since then, many of us have concluded that conflicts are part of the family, and normal human beings are expected to argue, agree and disagree where need be. But as usual, I beg to differ and invite you to my plastic reasoning which I find metallic somehow. Remember, experience is the greatest teacher, and a student would be too foolish to denounce such a lesson from such a teacher.

Wonderfully and fearfully made, was a man and a woman from the creators hands. Adorable and attractive was the woman in the eyes of the man. This has never changed and never it change. If you think your wife is more attractive than your neighbor’s wife, then revisit your judgment. The wise have said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and I may sometimes advise you to go for sight test so you can be able to see what “he” sees.

As much as I appreciate that conflicts have become part of the society, I hate to admit that this is how things are meant to be. To me, I surely don’t expect one season in a lifetime, but I expect a shield in any other seasons unfavorable to the family, and that should probably be the EDEN God entrusted to you. Experience has it all, but let me begin with what you have experienced in your family before I tell you what I have learned.

You know how many times you have been at your spouse and felt enough is enough. You know how many times you have driven your wife to the market, office, church, you name it, with your voice cords at MUTE, because you feel you just cant handle it. But once you hear, “Its ok I have forgiven you. I love you”, you know how things go.

My wife once told me, “Its ok, I have forgiven you. We all make mistakes. We are all human beings.” Up to this date, I don’t understand how strong a woman is. I just don’t know and understand how a murderer who was just about to be sent to an electric chair can feel hearing these words from a very determined Judged. May you can tell, but the tears I shed that will forever remind me of a God fearing wife I have.

Take or leave it, its your choice, but its a known fact that Men are the weakest beings, but hiding it that masculine body, with a horse voice, they stand to declare that Women are inferior. My wife just proved that if a man wanna go and climb high up in the sky, let a woman help you there. She won’t even mind if a man gets the credit, but she will sit down and make sure you remain a float. The energy she loses to see you through all this, is more than a man can bear. No wonder the world says, “women grow older faster than men” and its all because of us, Men. Learn to appreciate your wives today.

Despised, abused and ill treated, her love, TRUE to its meaning remains the same. I am sorry if your wife might have left you because of something you thought she would have been by side your than ever before. It could be she wasn’t really yours. As your neighbor and their secret, and if he is honest enough, he couldn’t miss out the word TRUE LOVE AND FORGIVENESS in his narration. Yes, its not easy to forgive, and its more difficult to forget, but it should be more than a nightmare not to forgive. Unforgiving is more like the hunter becoming the hunted. Its like passing a guilty sentence on yourself. Its murder in its biblical meaning, and shuns you out in the presence of God. If you are a religious person you would understand this better than anyone else.

Let God rule your family, learn to forgive. Dolphine has it a unique way. She has taught me a great lesson, and I can tell better what it means to be forgiven.