Paa Joe Kumah during the interview

By Thandie Chadzandiyani

ACCRA-(MaraviPost)-Former Ghana’s Black Stars player Paa Joe Kumah has confessed how he slept with many women during the peak of his career coupled with alcoholism.

In an exclusive on SVTV Africa, ex Ghana soccer star Joe indicated that he slept with over 400 ladies during the peak of his career and such a lifestyle came with fame and money.

He confirmed that he had indeed wasted money on women.

“I did live that lifestyle but It did not help. It’s not good especially knowing God now. I can say that I’ve been to with over 400 and something. I’ll speak the truth. It can with the fame and money but I won’t say it impeded my career,” the father of three revealed.

Moreover, Paa Joe stated that women used to come by their homes to invite them to clubs etc. According to him, it was a waste of time and money.

“Sometimes, I have a match on Saturday and the ladies would come by on Friday night to go out. But I reject them sometimes on such days.

“They are different girls from several countries. They are not only from Ghana. Kenya, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Serbia and many others,” he added.

Paa Joe is a retired

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