Gerald Viola

President Peter Mutharika has once again redeployed another press secretary, Gerald Viola after a series of missteps, like President will buy a plane is no longer at state house..

Reports confirmed by Maravi Post sources say Viola has been sent back to the Ministry of information where he will be working as technical advisor, replacing another former Press Secretary of the President Frederick Ndala.

Rumors had been swirling as late as last year that Mutharika had booted Viola out of state house after he made pronouncements that insinuated that Mutharika was a puppet and still harbored plans to buy a jet. However it turned out that Mutharika had not yet fired his spokesperson.

In a Facebook post, Viola has accepted the firing preferring to call it a redeployment and has thanked the President.

“I know some few Malawians will take it negatively” he posted.

President Peter to counter the onslaught from opposition and civil society needs to hire someone of Stature to replace Gerald Viola. Someone the media will respect and of substance

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