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Chakwera on attack so persons with albinism

The Reverend Lazarus Chakwera reminds us of those ‘Politicians who will say anything to get elected’.  The Reverend is now claiming that if voted into power he will order the people who are killing people with albinism to stop within a month, really?. How does the Reverend promise to do this?.  Are the killers working for him?

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The Reverend cannot even claim to be misquoted as he uttered this nonsense at a Press Conference he held at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe. The Reverend said the killing of albinism will continue and worsen during this campaign period because he wants people to be angry with DPP and vote it out of government.

He wants the scourge to worsen so that people can vote him into Office?  Is the Reverend trying to Blackmail to voting him into office?

The Reverend continued to say the following “Within my one month in government I will end this killing of albinism and this issue will be history”. I can’t believe that such a man can even considered for high office in our country.

There some people with MCP who are sympathizers of the ruling DPP who have been pressuring me to order my guys to stop the killing but I said no, the peace shall return when I am the President.

Did Chakwera Blackmail MCP?

There are questions about how he rose in the MCP. He wrestled power from John Tembo by-passing many lifelong MCP leaders to claim the leadership. Did he use Blackmail to rise from nowhere within the Party in August of 2013? How many MCP delegates did he blackmail to make them oppose the leadership of John Tembo?

At a party convention held in August 2013, delegates overwhelmingly opposed, through a voice vote, changing the MCP’s constitution to allow Tembo to stand for a third term as MCP President Lazarus Chakwera was then elected to succeed Tembo on 10 August 2013.

John Tembo was forced to hand over the party leadership to Chakwera on 11 August,  John Tembo ever the Gentleman did not cry foul but urged party members to unite behind his successor who came from nowhere.

In my humble opinion the Reverend cannot be allowed to blackmail Malawians into voting for him. What Magic wand is he going to wave about the Albino killings that are not only happening in Malawi, but in other African countries like Tanzania?


Elwin Mandowa is the Founder  Managing Editor of The Maravi Post

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