The decisive matches of the current season of the France league start soon, and we will find answers to all our questions. However, it is clear who gets gold medals. PSG did not leave a single chance to its competitors. Right fro the start the team of Thomas Tuchel joined of the race for the title confidently and managed to quickly secure a considerable handicap.

Against the failures of a number of competitors, by the middle of the championship it became clear that the Parisians would be able to defend the champion title without any problems. They really have everything for this:

  1. Great lineup. None of the competitors have such a selection of players in each of the lines. Thanks to this, Thomas Tuchel can make quick rotations and field only the strongest athletes.
  2. High level of individual skills. Only the main stars of our time play in PSG, thanks to this the French league is well known abroad.
  3. Tactical decisions of the coach. Thanks to Tuchel’s progressive approach, the team finally learned to beat not only the ordinary teams from the middle of the rating, but also giants like Liverpool and Manchester United.French tournament news on score 777


During the decisive matches, we can expect to see a very interesting fight to stay in the elite division, as well as winning places in the Champions League zone. It is to these matches that the main attention of the media and fans will be riveted to.

French tournament news on score 777

One of the main losers of this season in France is Monaco. The team clearly failed the second half of 2018 and even turned out to be in the relegation zone, although considering its potential it should fight for a place in European competition. On the website of sports statistics score 777, you can always find only relevant information about the team.

In winter, the management regained its senses and returned Jardim to the coaching position. The team also added a number of performers led by Fabregas, which had a positive impact on the club’s results. Given the density in the standings, we can safely assume that Monaco is quite capable of finishing in the middle, but in order for this to happen, professionals need to do their best every match.

They no longer have the right to make mistakes, because too much was lost in the first half of the season, when the Monegasques lost even against outright outsiders of the championship. You can always follow their final 10 rounds and their future prospects on the site of sports statistics score 777, where the data is updated in real time, and you get a great opportunity not to miss anything important in the world of football.

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