Islamic organization renovates over 1700 boreholes in Malawi

By Alick Mhango

An Islamic organization called At-Tariqatul Qudriah Sunni Association (AQSA) has renovated over 1700 boreholes in Malawi with aim of eliminating water problem in the country.

The organization’s acting manager James Msusa disclosed the development on Saturday in Karonga south constituency of Malani Mtonga where he was unveiling plan to renovate 45 boreholes.

According to Msusa, the development comes after being approached by Parliamentarians.

“As of now we have constructed over 1700 boreholes in 36 constituencies. We do our job in each constituencies after approached by the parliamentarians. Our aim is to reduce water problem and making people takes clean water,” said Msusa.

He told chiefs as well as members of Area Development Committee (ADC) in Karonga south constituency that MP Mtonga contributed 40 percent to the project which included transportation while 60 percent is for the organization.

“This is a second constituency to carry out our project here in the north. This is not a joke. It shows your MP take care of you,” he added.

In his remarks, Mtonga urged the chiefs and members of ADC to make sure that all goes well.

He said if given another term he will make sure that the area completely depends on pipe water.

Chiefs and members of ADC while commended the organization for the development, salute Mtonga for his effort to transform the area.

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