DPP Cadets

By Alick Mtengo

KARONGA-(MaraviPost)-Irate residents of Karonga and Chitipa districts on Monday strongly condemned some Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) cadets who spread force news that their son Timothy Mtambo is not a Malawian but a foreigner.

Mtambo who is a renowned Malawi’s human activist and a leader of a group called Human Rights Defender in the country is regarded as an enemy to the DPP government because of criticizing its wrong doing.

To the extent, some wicked DPP cadets are spreading news in the social media that Mtambo is not a Malawian but a foreigner from Burundi while some says he is from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Reacting to the development the residents through its leader Steven Simsokwe who is also a fearless human rights activist in Karonga and Chitipa told the media through a press conference that what the DPP cadets are spreading regards the nationality of Mtambo is an insult to people from the two districts.

“These guys are stupid idiots. If Mtambo is a Burundian then all people from Chitipa and Karonga are or else they are from DRC as stipulated. Are you proposing that we break away? For your information, the Mtambos are the earliest settlers in Chitipa.

“Mtambo is a real Malawian and he did his primary school at Ishalikila in Chitipa , then Yamba community day, after there he went to Chanco in Zomba, his father is group village headman Ishalikila in the district.”

According to Simsokwe who is now a councillor for Chilenga ward in Karonga the community are ready to deal with such misinformation by going on the street.

Concurring with Simsokwe Stanley Nyondo from Chitipa district said “being a person from a loyal family, the insult made by the DPP cadets has raised their anger.”

Nyondo said if DPP officials will not apologize by, Tuesday, tomorrow, the will have no choice but to go on the street.

Mtambo and officials from the ruling DPP are yet to issue a comment.


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