Adonai Ting’s video documentaries

By Donata Mpochela

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-As the world is still fight the issue of fighting teenage pregnancies, a videographer and graphic designer at Adonai Incorporation, Adonai Ting real name Innocent Jambo says his set to make video documentaries based on poor children who have been rejected by their parents.

In an interview with, the videographer and designer, Adonai wants to bring awareness to people on issues of child rejection through video documentaries campaign with theme ‘Sorry Mwanawe’.

“The reason for doing this is that there are many children out there who are struggling because of their guardians or parental rejection since they were born.

“The campaign is to end that mentality in order to make adopted children to have peace in households, to stop rejection and to make everyone to have that heart of helping indigent children in Malawi,” Adonai said.

Adonai said lack of finances made him to reach to the point of achieving his ideas through making designs to be shared on other social media platforms.

“Due to lack of support to achieve my ideas made me to decide to design poster, flyers, calendars’ so that it can reach many people through Whatsapp and other social media platforms so that it can reach to a large audience and hear the information.

“I have not only used different kinds of designs but I have also managed to reach to some journalists and artists such Grewiz.” Adonai said.

On her part, a queen of dancehall artist, Grewiz real name Chisomo Chimenya disclosed that music is one tool delivering messages to people.

“Music is an easy way of delivering the messages about child rejection as people will be feeling the vibe same time getting the message,” Grewiz said.

Finally, Adonai Incorporation is calling for people of good will to render there support either financially “Any support they can manage, this is to fulfill disseminating vital information to people”.

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