1.0 Preamble

Sometimes I am tempted to write in my mother tongue, Chichewa. It is a very rich and straight forward language as it also does not beat about the bush. In Chichewa, there is a popular adage, wafuna mkazi ali ndi mgwala. Literally translated as you don’t go about proposing women if you do not have a strong manhood.

Chakwera, Chilima given seven days to resign

Even in our cultural marriages, promises such as ’till death do us apart’ are made to cement a bond of relationship. If such promises are broken, the relationship ruptures. My culture is very strict on meeting one’s conjugal rights. Failing to fulfill conjugal obligations is likened to death, wakufa.

Likewise, if you aspire to be one of the leaders of this country, then you are challenging the nation that you have the right arsenals to lead Malawi.

It will be a pathetic shame on you, your family and your supporters if you fail to fulfill the campaign promises for you will declared dead by your fellow Malawians.

2.0 The conspiracy plan

For starters, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and Dr. Saulos Chilima conspired to overthrow the Mutharika’s regime. This was the regime that had won free and fair elections as confirmed by international observers. Even all local political party representatives pended their signatures so as to signify the legitimacy of the elections.

The Chakwera-Chilima conspiracy plan had three strategies 1) Nation wide violent demonstrations 2) Court’s nullification of 2019 presidential elections 3) Unrealistic and empty campaign promises. These will be discussed in detail in subsequent sections.

2.1 Nation wide violent demonstrations

In a certain leaked conversation, President Chakwera was heard during Mutharika’s regime giving instructions to Timothy Mtambo to destabilize the country. Timothy Mtambo, now the Minister of National Unity and civic education, was heard assuring his master that he would ensure that the mission was successfully accomplished.

And indeed, soon after the 2019 presidential elections, Timothy Mtambo masterminded violent demonstrations across all corners of Malawi.

These violent demonstrations had three major aims 1) To force Dr Jane Ansah to resign as this would be an evidence that she had accepted that she mismanaged the presidential elections 2) To instill fear in the electorate never to vote for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) again 3) To influence the judges to rule the presidential elections case in their favour by also instilling a sense of fear in them.

In unison, both Chilima and Chakwera supported these violent and brutal demonstrations.

2.2 Court’s nullification of 2019 presidential elections

There were some insidious strategies that influenced the outcome of the case.

Firstly, the court room became another version of a law class. A former lecturer representing his client, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera before a panel judges who happened to be his former students. The legal counsel, complainants, respondents and judges except Prof Mutharika had at one point blushed shoulders within the corridors of Chancellor college.

Secondly, a well known business man, Dr. Thom Mpinganjira, could not just implicate himself on bribery scandal if corruption was not possible among the judges. What we are sure of is that partakers only report incidences of corruption only if it wasn’t successful. Accomplices of successful corruption do not report such transactions. We are therefore not committing ourselves that the judges may have exposed Mpinganjira’s corrupt advances because they benefitted from a similar successful transaction elsewhere.

Thirdly, it raises eyebrows how Agness Patemba, the Registrar of the High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal who handled the case, was appeased with an ambassadorial post soon after the Tonse Alliance government was formed.

2.3 Unrealistic and empty campaign promises

It was by design that empty promises were sold to Malawians. They took advantage of high illiteracy levels and high poverty levels among disgruntled and underprivileged Malawians.

They deliberately made these promises during the COVID 19 pandemic only later to blame the same pandemic for failing to honor their promises.

They even fooled Malawians by not disclosing the full details of their alliance agreement because they take Malawians for granted.

If they were asked how they would fulfill such unrealistic promises, they answered that they would explain once they form government.

Two years down into government, there is no plausible road map detailing how campaign promises will be fulfilled.

3.0 Cracks in the Tonse Alliance

It is not surprising now that there are cracks in the Tonse Alliance now because the alliance was not built on sound foundation.

Their aim was not to serve Malawians but to enrich themselves. This is why the f Chakwera and Chilima recruited their acquaintances and relatives including daughters, sons, sons-in-law, the mothers-in-law and church members first once they ascended to power.

It is also not flabbergasting that Chilima’s name appears on the list of those who colluded with corruption suspects to defraud the government coffers.

Government officials are busy competing with each other on who amasses wealth more from the government purse.

Even when Tonse Alliance leaders meet, they don’t discuss the welfare of Malawians but how they can share opportunities and positions among themselves. It is a pathetic situation, the worst political alliance ever.

4.0 The way forward

We appeal to the Tonse Alliance administration not to lead us into temptation. Just do the needful. Boris Johnson in Britain resigned after losing public trust. President of Sri Lanka was forced to resign amid economic meltdown. Now we hear that corruption has captured every sector including judges, police, ACB, etc… Malawi can’t stay like this anymore. Therefore, do not take Malawians for granted. We therefore expect the Tonse Alliance administration to address us with urgency on how the campaign promises are going to be fulfilled. Our patience is slowly dwindling.

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