The major rationale for creating a state is the protection of lives and properties. Once a state no longer serve this purpose, the social contract can be breached. Is Nigeria safe for you? If your answer is no then, anyone who bears arm with a claim of self defence is making a good point. If a state fails, don’t fail yourself, right to live is sacrosanct. 

I hope you would not say it would attract anarchy. Because I doubt if there was ever a government in Nigeria. In the space of 6 months Igangan town was razed down to nothing, and the so called government heard alot from the concerned citizens but said and did nothing. Bandits launched three consecutive attacks on the peace-loving people of Igangan, they also killed the daughter of Pa. Fasoranti, kidnapped many Obas from South West, raped both old and young women yet the government turned it back at this poor state of security, until it was time for antelope to chase hunter. 

The Department of State Services took responsibility of attack on Igboho’s home, declared Igboho fugitive. The body language of the Nigerian government and the threat that kept on oozing from the corridor of the presidency indicated that Igboho is the next target after the world-wide president of the Indigenous People of Biafra was kidnapped. Meanwhile, for the fact that Sunday Igboho was taking his agitation to the state of the Bourdillon, there was a clear hand-print on the wall about plans to get Igboho on his knees. Make a critical examination of how the Nigerian people were killed and carted away in a similar pattern during the Oct 20th massacre. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the ex-governor of Lagos state is one devil that must be addressed if the fight for Oduduwa self determination would be intensified.

However, the constant use of state force to ensure compliance and orderliness didn’t include some groups of individuals whose activities are evidently inimical to the peaceful existence of law-abiding citizens of the country. In the entire Department of State Services’ facilities in Nigeria, there’s no single Boko-Haram member, bandit or killer herdsman that is or was kept captive or under-going trial. In fact, most of them were exposed to opportunities of studying on scholarship while there’s nearly no commendation by the Nigerian government for students with outstanding academic performance. 

Think about it, nobody is actually fighting the Nigerian government, this is just a case of the government against the people, forgetting that democracy is the people’s government. 

Let us quickly run through some cases that have pulled off the veil of a democrat from General Muhammadu Buhari tyrannical philosophies:

Omoyele Sowore, the RevolutionNow campaigner was kidnapped in a gestapo style, security men invaded his home and was so close to kidnapping or killing him with no traces if the building had no surveillance cameras. The acclaimed arrest was in reality a kidnap.

The world-wide president of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was trailed out of the United Kingdom, kidnapped with a contempt to the international extradition law that cemented each country’s sovereignty. This was an illegality perpetrated by the Buhari-led-administration.

The same government who bromances bandits, herdsmen and Boko-Haram members invaded El-Zakyzaky’s home, killed his children and arrested him for nearly six years without fair trial. Zakzaky and wife are both kept in a solitude confinement to languish. 

The youths of Nigeria, not headed by either a group or by some persons protested peacefully against trigger-happy policemen. I believe many who were present at the Lekki Tollgate on the day of the attack must have mistook it for a nightmare. Nigerian soldiers acted on the order of the president, General Muhammadu Buhari, they shot sporadically, killed many and carted the corpses away.

The most recent attack on Sunday Adeyemo, commonly referred to as Sunday Igboho was far too bizarre for a government that came through a democratic procedure. His home was invaded, some of his foot soldiers were shot, they looted his house and declared him wanted without the issuance of arrest warrant and manhunt ab initio this incident. In Buhari’s head, I perceived he perhaps thinks we have non functional legislature and judiciary

These are five cases wherein the government opted for illegality that assisted in knowing their philosophy. It’s ugly precedents of the disregard for the rule of law. Thus, it would be sheer conscientious ignorance to describe self defence in the case of Igboho as being illegal. He would not have been able to save Igangan community against killer herdsmen who kill for fun under the watch of government at different levels.

Don’t fear for Igboho or anyone fighting for something. Fear for yourself who would end up dying for nothing inspite of the gullibility. 

Seyi Oyetunbi

Source saharareporters

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