By James Mwangalli

There are several definitions to the a lie. For purposes of this analysis, living a lie implies…to live in a deceptive way, to live in a way that is dishonest because one is pretending to be something that they are not, to themselves or other people.

Living a lie can be applied at various levels, be it at individual level, family level, institutional level among others.

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)is a classic example of a party that has, and continues to live a lie. The party leadership is never true to itself, either for its own survival or simply deceiving the few supporters, or indeed creating a situation that is non-existent.

Take for example, the lie that the MCP has been winning national general elections but have their victory stolen or snatched away from them. This is a lie that the MCP has lived since the advent of political pluralism in the country.

This lie has been perpetuated either for the survival of the party leader or to deceive the supporters that the party has a chance to win a competitive national election.

The MCP has been living a lie that it is a changed party that can fit in plural politics. This is another grave lie that the party has peddled over the years, but their actions have always proven otherwise.

Take for example, the remarks made by Kusamba Dzonzi, MCP parliamentary spokesperson on finance, who could not just lobby for projects but rather questioned why the northern region got substantial funding in water projects.

He went on to denigrate the people of the north as being insignificant, population wise, hence according to him, do not deserve any meaningful development projects by the government.

This statement, though disowned by the party president, who is also leader of opposition in Parliament, the truth is that this is a well-established position of the Malawi Congress Party. The North used to be referred to as the dead north, courtesy of the MCP regime, and it is not a wonder that Mzuzu city did not have infrastructure befitting a city.

Teachers from the north, were forced to go and teach in their regions of origin during MCP regime, their prime target in this divisive action were the northerners.

Many Malawians were victimised, killed, some became political prisoners among other atrocities, with northerners topping the list of victims. It is therefore living a lie for the MCP to claim that they are a changed party when elements of violence, hatred, torture are there for all to see.

It is living a lie for the MCP to try to disassociate itself from the statement that only confirms what the party stands for.m

One important advice though, that the opposition MCP and its leadership should always remember is that, while the party has chosen to live a lie as its survival strategy, Malawians are not party to that deception, they know what the MCP actually stands for.

Malawians may have forgiven the MCP for the atrocities it committed against them, but never will they forget such, hence it is insensitive and outright carelessness to make such statements that ignite pain not only to northerners but Malawians as a whole.

By the way, if truth be told, the MCP is living a lie to imagine that it can win a competitive national general election, rather it has the electorate to thank for allowing it to lead the opposition, as anything beyond that, will be asking for far too much from the electorate.

James Mwangalli is a guest contributor of the Maravi Post.

The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of the Maravi Post.

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