Bad News
Bad News

Mulanje, May 7, 2019:Police in Mulanje on Friday arrested a 16-year-old boy for allegedly killing his 33 year-old cousin.

Mulanje Police Public Relations Officer, Greciam Ngwira said the suspect sometime back picked a quarrel with the deceased, Charles Ken Timba, who stabbed his colleague with a knife.

Ngwira said the suspect with anger damaged Timba’s bicycle, a case that was solved by the relatives.

The Publicist added that it was on Friday afternoon as the suspect was coming from school that Timba confronted him over the same issue, threatening to kill him.

“On Friday, the two had a quarrel while the suspect took it lightly. The deceased allegedly pulled a knife and stabbed the former on the left chick and this forced the suspect to grab the knife and stabbed Timba on the chest and head who later fell down as blood oozed,” expained Ngwira.

The PRO said following the development, the suspect ran away and surrendered himself to law enforcers at Misanjo Police Unit.

“He is facing murder charge that contravenes section 209 of the penal code,” Ngwira said.

Just like the suspect, Timba came from Makwale Village, senior chief Mabuka in the district.

Meanwhile, police is advising the general public to avoid going around with offensive weapons to avoid incidents like this one. Further, police is urging people to use proper ways of ironing out their differences.