Thanks, but no thanks Mr. President! Your speech in Lilongwe against corruption and state looting was not enough, instead it just insulted the illiterate village population because it lacked action.

You reiterated that no cash gate will ever happen in Malawi when two weeks ago your finance minister failed to disclose where the MK4 billion that was hidden in the ministry of local government working papers came from? The MK4 billion was directed secretly meant to benefit 86 constituencies where members of parliament from these areas helped your government to shoot down the electoral reform bill of 50+1. If some of the members in the house were not persuasive, you could have gone with it. Is this not a crime and corruption?

After being “caught red-handed,” your government stammered and ended up bribing the 107 members of parliament to accept sharing the money.

MAENGA fault the MPs who were sidelined in the initial plan of MK40 million and settle for MK20 million each. What a stupid and blinding move?

House of Parliament in Malawi must be reviewed because from appearances, they are failures too. You do not share money that has no source and perhaps stolen.

Justice cannot be traced by sharing the money from dirty hands; are you telling us it was corruption or crime only when it was shared among the 86 constituencies but it is now legal to be shared among 193 constituencies?

Stop fooling Malawians, MAENGA is behind the people you will fool them no more.

Parliament of Malawi has disappointed and angered citizens just as the government.

Comrade George Kasakula on “Hot Current program” with comrade Brian Banda narrated; if it was in other countries minister of finance was supposed to be prosecuted.

MAENGA declare Minister of finance Mr. Goodall Gondwe a government officer non grata. He must be fired or be forced out of office by mass action or resignation.

Malawi belong to the family of nations and what other nations do is what must also be done in Malawi.

In the 1990s a wind of change blew across Africa where Kenneth Kaunda, Kamuzu Banda, Mobutu Sese Seko, Mengstu Marriam, Leabua Jonathan lost power to the birth of multiparty democracy.

In this 21st century Jacob Zuma, Robert Mugabe, Pakalitha Mosisili, Jose Edoardo Santos, Laurent Gbabho lost power due to massive and rampant corruption. On the map of Africa Malawi cannot be an island in 2018.

Among the most corrupt nations Malawi is second after Nigeria, there is no need for us as citizens to swallow any illicit deals. Corruption has not only killed poor citizens it has killed the country too.

You go to Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania their states look beautiful and livable because tax payers money has done a wonderful job to develop lives and national landscape.

We must be ashamed looking at Tete town which had a museum look 10 years ago, Tete is beautiful more than our major city Blantyre today. Roads and infrastructure have shortchanged its looks and design, while in Malawi a country that has not gone into war is deteriorating and moving backward. (This is not an issue needing jokes and laughing)

If the president is serious with combating corruption and state looting he was supposed to take advantage at the BICC conference to announce the firing of Finance minister Goodall Gondwe and Local government minister Kondwani Nakhumwa.

Failure to do so Mr. President it is better to keep quite. Malawians are angry about the billions that have been lost as from 1994, much of great volume stolen from 2005 to date.

Standing on the podium and joking about corruption is insulting the nation and citizens together.

Malawians are being fooled and made stupid because when the 13 files were uncovered this very government of President Peter Mutharika hid them, today after tampering with and tippexing them the same president goes on the platform directing parliament and Anti Corruption Bureau to start probing and investigating the cash gate of MK236 billion.

Is this country under dictatorship and one party state where the president is the law, the head of state and the police himself?

Were we not told of separation of powers in multiparty dispensation? Why do courts, police, Anti Corruption Bureau await the president to give a directive for them to perform and conduct their obligations?

Some of the members in Maenga who belong to the ruling party have been persuading the leadership of MAENGA not to fault the president as he has no powers to prosecute or direct the arrest or probe of corruption.

The comrades challenged us to refer cases of corruption cases to the appropriate authorities like the courts and Anti Corruption Bureau.

The announcement of President Peter Mutharika in Lilongwe directing Parliament and Anti Corruption Bureau to start probing the cash gate of 13 files translate this nation is under dictatorship and one party state.

It has shown that opposition parties, courts and Anti Corruption Bureau cannot probe cases of corruption and state looting without the President’s consent.

No wonder the hiding of the 13 files was a directive of the president too. This is a state capture.

With this attitude “corruption and state looting” will not end in Malawi unless a new leader of compassion and impartiality can come into the government.

Unfortunately signs and indications of such a leader are far or a pipe dream, Malawi is far from combating this vice.

If president Peter Mutharika and his government were serious to tackle and combat corruption and state looting, a directive to investigate the expozee a whistleblower whispered in the ears of Maenga two weeks ago about the alleged involvement of MRA by Mrs. Mbilizi and Beam of the first lady Madam Getrude Mutharika was supposed to be instituted.

After hearing the threat against his cader Dr. Bandawe who lead MAENGA issued an inquiry quest asking State House to provide the details of ownership of Beam Trust or foundation. To the surprise of Maenga and its leadership state house did not provide any of the requested details.

President Peter Mutharika can manage to root out corruption if he probes rumours and Expozees from whistleblowers particularly MAENGA which is trusted by the entire nation to stand for the country not political affiliations of any party.

The stance “State House” took to threaten the “Utopian and Maenga” literally showed that State House acted in fear because MAENGA through the whistleblower caught them red handed.

State House had no choice but to use threats with the intention of zipping the mouth of the Utopian and tireless efforts of MAENGA.

Any government that is serious to curb, tackle, root out, corruption and state looting must join hands with whistleblowers and groups like MAENGA and the leadership, “not to fight us”.

Maenga is trying its best to unveil, expoze, undress all conducts of misappropriation of taxes, corruption, state looting, embezzlement, swindling of state funds.

Whoever fight MAENGA is an enemy of Malawi.

We are ready to be proved wrong if whatever we publicize is wrong, but we will not be silenced with threats.

MAENGA will be silenced and cease to exist the day Malawi will be blanketed by the rule of law, democratic rights, be corrupt free and introduce the culture of zero tolerance against corrupt malpractices.

In the absence of the above MAENGA is growing every minute and becoming powerful.

In conclusion, we will take President Peter Mutharika serious only if he pushes for the prosecution of the party’s deputy president Dr. George Chaponda, offhire Chief Secretary Mr. Lloyd Muhara and hire comrade Phillip Kamangirah of DPP, fire Minister Goodall Gondwe and Minister Kondwani Nakhumwa.

As an advice for purposes of accurate dissemination of information President Peter Mutharika must consider relocating or reshuffle Mr. Nicholas Dausi from the information ministry and replace him with Mr. Malison Ndau.

Do not maintain a cabinet that does not change with time. Mr. Dausi has let down the DPP government from disseminating needed information to the country.

It is an open secret that the responses of the minister about the activities of DPP and Peter Mutharika are in shambles. When an opposition or citizens ask a question they need honest answers not propaganda or insults and threats.

On the same vein the Chairperson of MBC and the management of the public broadcaster need a reshuffle, you cannot be cheating yourselves thinking you are deceiving citizens.

Citizens of Malawi today are more civilized than they were in 1993, they have advanced their thinking capacity more than how they were in 2014, now they are technically intelligent; propaganda has no place in their minds and brains.

Your Excellency! Thanks but no thanks; your speech in Lilongwe has gone from the left ear and passed out the right ear.

Do more and act on corruption and state looting. You are not doing enough and you need to stop shielding or backing thieves. This is the first step to fight corruption and state looting.

The Utopian philosophy team.

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