Maize from Zambia
More maize arrive in Malawi from Zambia

Malawi Advocacy Groups  have Petitioned President Peter Mutharika demanding that in the interest of Malawians which should be the government priority the following should be acted upon with a sense of urgency.


  • The price of Maize from ADMARC be reduced to affordable levels by average Malawians. It’s a mockery to have private traders selling maize at lower prices during this lean period while ADMARC remains adamant on the exorbitant prices blocking access. While appreciating that ADMARC has recently assumed a commercial role, NAP believes that such a role must completely usurp its social responsibility especially in times of food crisis. This comes against the background that presently some private traders are selling maize at MK9, 000.00 per 50 kg bag.


  • That the contracts with ZFC and Kaloswe be terminated forthwith.
  • The Leadership of ADMARC and Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation should be changed to restore the trust Malawians should have in the two crucial institutions that oversees matters of food security and the backbone of the Malawi economy.


  • That the ACB and Office of Auditor General be freed and made independent to investigate and act on matters bordering on corruption than have parallel processes that continue to rob taxpayers.


  • .That the President condemns the shenanigans of the Ruling DPP threatening the freedoms of speech and expression and ensure that human rights are protected as a matter of upholding the Republican Constitution.


  • That all officers proved to have been involved in the maize scam be brought to book regardless of political party affiliations or interests.


  • That all commissions of inquiry using taxpayers’ money must make full account of their findings without any alterations or favor.


  • That the President must ensure that the Constitution is defended at all times and to the later by impressing upon all public officers to comply with the court rulings.


We trust that the Head of State will act in the best interest of Malawians and allow the rule of law to reign in Malawi. The matters raised are of urgency as millions of Malawians continue to face hunger.

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