old woman in circled murdered

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi Police in Karonga have arrested four people who are suspected to have taken a major part in the merciless killing of four elderly people who were suspected of killing another person through magic means at Lupembe in the district.

According to Deputy Spokesperson for Karonga Police, Sub – Inspector, Frank Black, the four arrested people; whose particulars are concealed for the sake of not compromising with further investigations, took part in the killing of the four alleged sorcerers on the Christmas Day.

“This incident really took place at Lupembe here in Karonga and Police have arrested four people in connection with the killing of the four elderly people who are said to have killed Ndisi Mwangupire through magic. But our investigations, to establish what really happened, are still underway,” said Sub – Inspector Black.

While commenting on the ordeal, Director of Public Awareness at National Initiative for Civil Education (NICE) Trust, Christabel Munthali said such news is too shocking.

“It is pathetic that in the democratic dispensation which Malawi voted for, people are taking the laws into their own hands. What people have to know is that no matter how offended we can be, there is a lawful way to handle the issues,” Munthali said.

Meanwhile, Paramount Chief Kyungu of the district has intimated that he and other chiefs will sit down and work on an everlasting panacea to such horrifying developments.

Cases of elderly people being murdered on allegations of practising witchcraft are becoming ever increasing in the country.

Last month, two elderly people; a husband and a wife, were butchered in Ntchisi on the grounds that they were training children around the area to practise witchcraft.

Laws of the land do not recognize the existence of witchcraft.

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