Stakeholders in environmental sector pushes for disaster bill and Climate change fund

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Stakeholders in environmental sector are still expressing anger in the manner President Lazarus Chakwera Tonse government is curtailing promises made on operationalisation of Climate Change management Fund and tabling and passing of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Draft Bill into law.

The worry comes barely five months after President Chakwera promised Malawians that his administration will prioritize the two issues with urgency but nothing on the ground.

Chakwera promised that February 2021 seating of Parliament will handle the two issues but nothing happened until the house was adjourned.

This is despite numerous meeting country’s Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC) has been engaging Parliament, Ministries of Finance, Forestry and Natural Resources.

During both panel discussion and stakeholder conference on Thursday, April 1, 2021 on the implication of the two issues delay in implementation, stakeholders agreed to face Chakwera warning that if the meeting fails to achieve anything, they take unspecific action.

The stakeholders questions the usage of carbon tax (carbon levy) funds being miss allocated to account number of instead towards environmental and natural resource package through Climate Change Management Fund.

“We are very worried in the manner the current leadership is handling the two issues DRM Draft Bill and Climate Change Management Fund. The two are critical in environmental sector but what we see is lip services.

“President Chakwera promised the nation five months ago that his leadership will handle the two issue with urgency but when we follow up from Ministry of Finance on full operationalization of climate change fund, nothing tangible is coming out. Should we say President Chakwera was mislead then lied to the nation on the matter? questioned Mathews Malata, Association of Environmental Journalist (AEJ) in Malawi’s President.

Climate Change stakeholders

Dominic Nyasulu, National Coordination for National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC) chipped in arguing that the current leadership has not nothing engaging youths on any climate change programs despite promises that young people will be on forefront.

Nyasulu observes that if climate change fund will be in proper usage the “ONE Million Job notion” will be possible than the current state of affairs.

Senior Chief Kwataine of Ntcheu added that usage of charcoal in rural areas has gone beyond imagination putting pressure on vegetation that rural electrification would address the challenge.

Chief Kwataine worried also with the increase in electricity tariff arguing that will continue to push people to resort charcoal usage.

CISONECC National Coordinator Julius Ng’oma warned that if the current leadership do not implement what it promised stakeholders in the sector will resort into unspecific actions.

“We have been taking on disaster bills for years and carbon tax is been collected but its usage is channeled to a wrong allocation while its intended sector still suffering.

“We will meet President Chakwera for a reminder on what he promised Malawians on the two issues may be he might have forgotten. If that fails will take unspecified actions,” charged N’goma.

With financial support from the Scottish Government, through Tr?caire and SCIAF, CISONECC under the Climate Challenge Programme Malawi (CCPM) – Climate Justice Advocacy Project intends to hold a panel discussion on the status of climate financing in the country, while zeroing in on: Implications of Delay in the Operationalization of the National Climate Change Management Fund (NCCMF) to Climate Change Management in Malawi.

This is in line with the project objectives which aims to ensure that the Government of Malawi puts in place and capitalizes the Malawi Climate Change Management Fund to support local action by 2021.

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