Robert Scott, a member of the Foreign Service, the Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Malawi with Malawi President Peter Mutharika

With the US Ambassador to Malawi looking on, Malawi President launched the project to build 250 schools by saying the following, Today, we are making history. We are launching a project that will construct Two Hundred and Fifty Secondary Schools and change Malawi forever.

From the outset, let me thank the United States Government, through USAID for providing support for this project. Thank you for supporting our vision to make Malawi an educated nation.

This country will never be the same after building these secondary schools. More secondary schools mean more students who finish primary school going to secondary school.

Our vision is that every child who finishes primary school must go to secondary school. I want every deserving Malawian child to go to secondary school.

We abolished fees in secondary schools because no deserving
child should fail to go to secondary school for lack of fees.

As we construct more secondary schools, we are also constructing community technical colleges and expanding public universities.

Those who cannot go to University must be able to go to Community Technical Colleges. They must have skills to create their own jobs, businesses and employ others.

Therefore, we will build a secondary school for every community, and a community technical college for every community. And remember, we are also taking rural electricity to every community.

This means every community in this country will have a secondary school, a community technical college, electricity and access to a tarmac road. In that way, every community can create its own jobs and access better markets. This is transformation.

I promise what I do; and I do what I promise. I promise to deliver development to every part of this country, to every community— regardless of whether the area is for the Opposition or for the DPP. Malawi belongs to us all and I am a President for everyone.

As we move to make Malawi an educated nation, I want to urge Ministry of Education to remember the following four things:

a) Prioritize the welfare of our teachers. There can never be education without teachers. Teachers are the makers of all professions;

b) Prioritize quality of education. Quality of education begins with a good environment with well-trained, motivated and disciplined teachers;

c) And remember to recruit and train more teachers because these secondary schools will need well trained and more teachers;

d) Finally, focus on balancing knowledge education and skills education. We need more practical education.

But let me also speak to students wherever you may be in this country. I urge you to remember the following:

a) Learn to love your country. Be patriotic!

b) Learn to work hard. Whatever you do, do it with all your spirit and power.

c) Be a person of high integrity in your character. Muzikhala ndi umunthu! Never do to others what you would not want them to do to you.

d) Learn to love reading. Read serious books and read widely.

Let us make Malawi an educated nation of critical, serious thinkers who are patriotic, hardworking and full of integrity. Above all, we must be a skilled society because no country can develop without a skilled labour force.

The secondary schools that we are constructing are a decisive means to our vision for this country.

With these remarks, I declare the construction of 250 secondary schools project officially launched.

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