Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire over Bishop Malasa’s

MANGOCHI-(MaraviPost)-Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire parishioners have ganged up against anti- Bishop Malasa’s group in the much.

The disgruntled anti-Malasa group is the one sowing division in the church that has began to face resistance from parishioners in Diocese of Upper Shire with the church members openly confronting them when they were in a campaign to remove the Bishop from his post.

The Maravi Post understands that the group has a tendency to move in churches in the diocese and campaign against the Bishop.

The church members have openly informed them that they are tired with them as they have destroyed the church of God and that their behaviour is not Godly.

The anti-Malasa group is also accused of affecting development in the church.

According to some audios that are circulating in the social media-some of their members who went to Mchenga – St. Barnabas Mtonda Church on Thursday, November 26, 2020 were chased by the church members.

“It was argued though the group is busy castigating the Bishop of the Diocese with false stories, most of the members of the group do not have a good CV in the society as some of them have fathered babies outside the wedlock marriages though they are priest,some goes out with prostitute and some have stolen church funds within their parishes,” says the sources within the church.

Recently, one of the churches near Nkope parish in Manochi joined to support Bishop Malasa because of lack of trust in the disgruntled group.

“It was noted that greed and evil minds that is pushing them to remove the Bishop and not necessarily that they have genuine reasons.

“The parishioners also complained that some of the group members were demanding money from the church members which they are now tired of,” added the source.

Currently, the Bishop has instructed his lawyers to sue the group for defamation as they published a fake story that the Bishop was going out with one of the priest wife in the past.

The Bishop has so far fulfilled the demands the group made including recruitment of the new diocesan Secretary, changing of the institution boards of governance and audit.

Despite Malasa’s fulfillment the group still have grudges against him that the disgruntled group is embarrassed.

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