Kukalamba Siufiti’ track

By Donata Mpochela

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-After releasing their single since enthralled the country with previous song ‘Hope’ which was released on January 27 this year, Tithakupewa Music Project is back again with the song ‘Kukalamba Siufiti’.

The song which has been sang in the mother tongue langue ‘Tumbaka and Chewa’ describes the evil acts that the aged go through at Chitipa districts.

Tithakupewa Music Project Founder, Mike Sikwese a.k.a Mikhebway said ‘Kukalamba Siufiti’ is a song that has shed more lights on what our grandparents are going through.

“It is painful to see many aged people here in Chitipa facing hard problems, as some people in our community violet their rights by burning away their houses saying there witches.

“Old people are not living freely here; just imagine this other day six houses were demolished, this is too much,” Sikwese said.

He said the grouping then came up with a decision of singing the song in order to disseminate the information to the community.

“We saw it as a bad thing that’s why as Youths of Tithakupewa came up with the song to encourage the community to stop such acts. People shouldn’t adopt the modern but they should see how and understand how life was back then.

People in the communities have now gone out of boundary, we are to fight for them as we are hoping that the message in the song will reach a large audience,” Sikwese said.

‘Kukalamba Siufiti’ is a track sang by a group of artists such as Madalitso Zurih Botha, Mathews Matty Lukhele, Gift Snob Mtambo and Mike Sikwese stage name Mikhebway.

Tithakupewa Music Project says the track is now out and will be played in different media houses.

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