Prophet Gondwe

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi is God fearing nation, blessed with many religious leaders that when one pays attention to their teachings, you witness God’s words coming into manifestation.

Humility is a key quality for spiritual welfare to complement God’s work upon his children.

This is the quality which many spiritual leaders lack in our modern world of miracles, breakthrough and testimonies.

Meeting him, one can’t difference with any ordinary person despite the wonders, healing and inspirational teachings, God is using him to demonstrate every day.

No fancy, luxuriously outfits, red carpet, bodyguards in his spiritual realm coupled with a simple life

He is Prophet Patson Gondwe (PPG) of Good News Ministries.

The Maravi Post Country Manager and Editor, Lloyd M’bwana  caught up with Prophet P Gondwe on his calling, the healing fountain and how God is using his ministry. Excepts.

Lloyd M’bwana: Good morning, Man of God! Before we start the interview, share us your favourite verse for spiritual guidance.

Prophet Gondwe: Good Morning to you, my son! This is my favourite verse.

Luke 1:13: But the angel said to him: “Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John.

Lloyd M’bwana: Why is this verse so favourite to you, Man of God?

Prophet Gondwe: Knowing that your prayer is heard when you pray is a much greater blessing than praying. Most of us pray in the absence of the assurance that our prayers are heard and as a result we run the risk of repetition in prayer and we eventually become frustrated.

When I went to Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) for healing my doubt was washed away when the voice of the Lord audibly spoke to me that I should not worry because my prayers are heard.

Lloyd M’bwana: Amen, for the scripture, we have been encourage on stand for a prayer to God.

Prophet Gondwe: Amen! The prayers of God’s children must be accompanied by an attitude of absolute faith that the One they speak hears and is able to answer all their petitions. God is committed to the physical and spiritual welfare of His children.

Lloyd M’bwana: Who is Prophet P Gondwe; home village, birth, family, education?

Prophet Gondwe: My name is Patson Gondwe. I was born from Christina Mwenechanya and Johnstone Gondwe (both were primary school teachers) in the year 1987. My father is late but my mother is still living by the grace of God Almighty. I was raised up in a poor village called Mwahimba, T/A Kyungu in Karonga district where I also attended most of my primary school education until my mother’s sister picked me to Lilongwe where I proceeded to Bwaila Secondary School. After my secondary education, I studied Bachelors of Arts in Humanities at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Accountability Monitoring at Rhodes University in South Africa.

Lloyd M’bwana: When did the calling being a Prophet start?

Prophet Gondwe: I was born in a Catholic family and was groomed into the Catholic faith primarily by Catholic fathers especially father Taillor of St.Kizito Parish in Lilongwe and I also looked up my cousin, father Dennis Chitete of Karonga Diocese. Observing these fathers doing the ministry of love with piety motivated me to aspire to become a Catholic priest someday. But God had the best plan for me.

I am told of certain mysterious happenings around my childhood life, including some Prophetic episodes some of which I now vividly recall but there was no one to identify the Spiritual gift in me.

Good News Ministry, Fountain of healing

In early 2013, 3 years after I graduated from the University, I grew very sick. I developed liver complications and unfortunately there was nothing doctors could do to save my life. Miraculously, I was introduced to our father, Snr. Prophet TB Joshua through Emmanuel TV. I was so afraid of death and travelled to SCOAN in search for the healing miracle. Snr. Prophet TB Joshua prayed for me but my heart was ravaged with doubt because I did not get healed instantly as expected. On our flight back, I went into a trance (passed out), taken into a strange world and the voice of the Lord came strongly and said; ‘Do not worry, your prayer is heard’. Waking up from the trance I understood that knowing that God hears you when you pray is a much greater blessing than to pray. Many of us pray but we are not sure if God hears us. So this assurance raised my resolve to pray the more and believe God the more. Slowly, my health was restored and I was healed and so was my spiritual journey birthed. I went to SCOAN a miracle seeker but I came back a true believer in Christ.That’s the joy of SCOAN.

Soon after my return from SCOAN God begun speaking to me in visions, dreams and sometimes audibly. I started evangelizing Emmanuel TV and SCOAN and many people were being healed and delivered through the medium of the anointing water and stickers I was given at SCOAN. I went back to SCOAN in 2014 and from there the Holy Spirit instructed me to begin ministry in the year 2016. I began with only four people in Mchinji. I never called myself a Prophet but the people I prophetically preached to, prophetically healed and prophetically delivered begun referring to me as a Prophet. In spite of the title, I am mere servant of the Lord as I depend on the instruction of the Master to do all I do in ministry. It is not I but Christ who lives in me.

Lloyd M’bwana: We praise God for healing at SCOAN.  Why the church is called God News Ministry among names around us? Membership also?

Prophet Gondwe: Since this is not my ministry but Christ’s I rely on His suggestion in everything, including the naming of the ministry. By the Grace of Master Jesus, the Holy Spirit allows us to preach to over 5,000 people every Sunday. It is important to note that the strength or success of the ministry is not in the numbers but in the Christ. It is a privilege to serve God’s people.

Lloyd M’bwana: What is the stand or core of the prophetic mission?

Prophet Gondwe: A Prophet is sent to preach and teach the Word of God with Power. Without the corresponding Power (Holy Spirit), the word we preach and teach would be meaningless, idle, and often times destructive. When the Word is declared with Power captives are set free and brought back into the Kingdom of Christ Jesus.

Lloyd M’bwana: Why the ministry adores Prophet T.B Joshua’s SCOAN teachings?

Prophet Gondwe: The SCOAN is more than just a church, it is a college of God. I am glad to be a student of this college. All of Prophet TB Joshua’s teachings are of love and faith and only meant to make one become a genuine child of God. When we become God’s dear children by obedience then we can feast from His Holy presence where there is healing, redemption and all of the blessings. Prophet TB Joshua lives the Word of Christ and is therefore a perfect guide to God’s work. He is a great mentor.

Lloyd M’bwana: Why your prophetic work is excluded from your family life? Your wife is not the prophetess or known to the church members?

Prophet Gondwe: Unlike Mr. Patson Gondwe, Prophet Patson Gondwe has got no wife or children. He is married to Christ and devoted only to His will. There are two natures to all mankind; the physical nature and the spiritual nature. If the physical was the one doing the Prophetic work then everyone would be qualified to do it. Besides, church is a place of demonstrating God’s nature and not one’s family or children. Only Jesus Christ must be celebrated.

Lloyd M’bwana: Very interesting excluding your family from spiritual public engaging! But how has Covid-19 affected the ministry?

Prophet Gondwe: Our challenges are unlike those of non-believers. Our problems can put us all in the same situation but our hearts’ condition put us in different destinies. Covid-19 has brought us closer to the Lord and has reminded us that our faith in the Lord is not based on our being in a church building but on our obedience to His Word. Whether we are in a church building is not the matter but whether we are in His Word. Only faith (obedience) honours Jesus not our gathering or congregating.

Lloyd M’bwana: We will conquer the virus with blood of Christ. So, what is the future of the ministry?

Prophet Gondwe: The power and blessings of the Lord are released to the degree we revere His Word. The greater our obedience the greater the blessing. So the future is not all up to God and certainly not all up to us; we have to play our part and God will fulfill His promises. We nullify God’s promises by our failure to walk in obedience. Therefore, if we fear and obey God the more the future of the ministry is brighter. Jeremiah 29:11 says“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Spiritual operation

Lloyd M’bwana: What is your prophetic message to church members?

Prophet Gondwe: To all children of God under the influence of my voice, 2021 must be a year of new beginnings. A new walk with the Lord, renewed focus and determination against the sin that easily entangles. All those that have fallen faced temptations and all that have not fallen faced the same temptations but made a different choice. We cannot say we have faith in the Lord whilst at the same time disobey His Word. Let’s make a choice to obey and we will prosper in the midst of challenges.

Lloyd M’bwana: We are very grateful for the spiritual time talking to us including our readers in Malawi and across the global as this is a regional paper.

Prophet Gondwe: It’s been pleasure also talking to The Maravi Post, online paper which we see mature content in its publication.

Lloyd M’bwana: We have are being encouraged to do more with your prayers, we will go beyond Malawi.

Prophet Gondwe: Amen!

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