By Chisomo Mwamadi 

The disappointing results registered by our two representatives in the CAF competitions(Bullets and Silver) on Wednesday afternoon have just highlighted(in colour) the lamentable state of our football today.

The Flames are out of the African Cup of Nations and a lot of football lovers like myself had our hopes pinned on these two teams to at least deliver us from the armpits of football shame and give us smiles(if at all we deserved some for once).

Let’s face it guys and be truthful to our sorry selves, WE ARE REAPING FROM OUR POOR INVESTMENT IN THE BEAUTIFUL GAME.

How much have all stakeholders including government invested in the game for us to be demanding good results? On what basis are we demanding good results? So we want to reap where we did not sow?

I have followed the debate on whether to fire the Flames coach or not religiously and if I am to be as raw as I can be, he is NOT our major problem. Yes , I said it. Why? Our major problem is OURSELVES. We simply do not have the right structures that will bring the much needed results .

We haven’t invested in the game as much as we should . The team that qualified for the 2010 African Cup of Nations in Angola was a reward for the work done by Manfred Hoener. The bulk of the players in that squad played in that historic Under 20 .

What did we do after 2010 in terms of investing in youth teams that will feed the national team ? Nothing. Do we have football academies? No. Do our junior teams participate year in year out in all competitions? No. Do we maintain these teams and are there succession plans where players will graduate from under 17, 20,23 to the senior team? No. Do we expose our coaches to the latest trainings? No. Do we have enough football facilities? No.

How do we run our football clubs? How is our administration of the game?

Even if we fire RVG today and bring in Jose Mourinho to be assisted by Zinedine Zidane, we will not get the desired results until we put our house in order.

I’m not backing RVG (he is not from Chendausiku like me) but i feel we need some soul searching as a country if we are to change our status.

As it is now, we are demanding milk from a stone.

Time to call for an all inclusive stakeholder meeting to map the way forward on our football? Yes.

Ndimwe kaye madzi.

DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post

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