Written by Richard Kayenda

Mtambo with needy child-headed family

The former Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson, Timothy Mtambo, yesterday came out to donate charitable items to a needy child headed family at Kasaswata Village in Lilongwe.

Mtambo, who is now leading a political movement known as Citizens for Transformation (CFT), said he is very appalled with the levels of poverty and inequality in the country.

“Malawians are one. There is no Lhomwe, no Tumbuka or Chewa. We have one Malawi as a nation. Therefore, leaders have a duty to perform to see to it that they help the people catch the fish on their own; not giving them the fish. As CFT, we will be out and about asking Malawians to tell us what their challenges are. So, let Malawians come out openly to tell us how they feel we can change the social economic status together,” Mtambo said.

One of the villagers at Kasaswata, Rhoda White, said it is not only her village that is facing poverty; but all villages in the country are facing it as a common enemy.

Mtambo further asked the government to develop all the regions of the country, irrespective of political or tribal borderlines.

According to Mtambo, Citizens for Transformation is a people power movement that will have committees in all the corners of the country with a purpose to easily reach vulnerable Malawians and give them assistance.

On 1 April this year, Mtambo announced his departure from civil society activism to front line politics. At a press briefing he held in Lilongwe, he announced the birth of Citizens for Transformation as a people power political movement.

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