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My Take On It: It is decided, the West, East, Americas are no longer custodians of global human rights


15“But if you disobey the Lord your God and do not faithfully keep all his commands and laws that I am giving you today, all these evil things will happen to you:…….” – Deuteronomy 28:15-68

As numerous countries in the West, east, and North, continue to display various eye-brow-raising acts, the world can no longer sit still, idle, and let the so-called custodians of global human rights that were enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights (circa 1948), continue to hold this noble title. In recent years, while some countries are removing facts in an unpleasant era of its history, some are changing the rules laid down in the Book they came to parts of the world they labeled (their term) savages, yet another is literally obliterating a country it considers its own in the latter example, Africa has paved the way in dealing an inhumane autocrat as Russia All these atrocities of human rights abuses by the custodians of the human rights, are being done in broad daylight, in full view, and sometimes in collaboration with the United Nations.

Because activities in the custodian countries and outside, lead me to make the declaration that they cannot stand on the pedestal of being custodians of human rights; they can no longer go into countries and poke their noses into laws and regulations, advising and most times requiring the countries to change their laws “so that they are in line with global human rights standards.” but suspect as at the rate of changes in the human right statutes, at the national levels in the custodian countries, although the global instrument guiding national governments, the UDHR, has not changed.

While it has been the norm in recent years that since pro-gay rights won the battle for equal rights and came into the room, the activists have turned around and labeled those who do not promote gay rights as being against human rights accusing them of being homophobes or homophobic. This is on the local platform; the international platform has been enlarged to accommodate the use of international platforms such as regional and international bodies. In the front row are the United Nations and the European Union.

The EU through its 107-member group known as the ACP-EU negotiating the post-Cotonou Agreement, crowded the new document to be signed by leaders, with binding sections requiring among other things voting as a bloc and changing national laws to align with human rights standards; such standards basically changing human rights that to many countries in the African, Caribbean, and Pacific states run contra to commandments from the Bible. Ironic in these is the fact that various social values held by these countries were introduced and enforced by the EU, some of whom were colonial rulers (France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Germany).

It is very troubling what the EU has been endeavoring to accomplish (in effect turning its 27-member voting bloc enlarged to a 107-member entity, with powers to effect changes in social and health matters in 79 countries. However, there are very disturbing developments in the human rights campaign in the western and northern countries. A group that has existed since the 1990s is promoting the sexual rights of children. This effect is an attempt to legitimize pedophile activities, the Family Policy Institute reports that this socialization is a reality: people and groups are pushing the notion that children have a right to enjoy sex, Errol Naido has reported.

Naido said that “the movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ has ignited a critical debate about the mostly ignored reality of child sex trafficking and the growing efforts to normalize pedophilia as a natural sexual orientation.” 

Kimberley Ells, the author of “The Invincible Family” writes, says that “there is an international effort pushing forward the notion of “children’s rights.”  

Thus while Africa, through such an international UN resolution, introduced by the SADC group, is busy pushing for legislature to change laws on the age of consent from 16 to 18 years, there are entities in the north and west that are pushing to normalize adults having sex with children in the guise of “children have the right to enjoy sex.” This makes many wonder “When did the guardians of the human rights region, now say children have rights to sex? The UN’s document and mantra “do all for the interest of the child” trashed in the bin.

I can still imagine hearing their grandparents saying “Wwwwhaaaaaaat?!?” My friend Lindiwe Mndebele, former diplomat of Eswatini Mission to the UN, could only react to the story as preposterous! We reminded ourselves of the way “the EU pushed for the age of marriage to 18 in the SADC Girl Child resolution in 2009 and the 2011 Canada-Zimbabwe resolution on child marriage.” It is overwhelming to see that now most African and Asian countries have these marriage age changes, and all of a sudden, the Western nations have entities pushing for “children to have the right to enjoy sex.”

Then on the local American scene, one state governor, who also happens to be a Republican presidential candidate, has ruffled the country’s history pages with a newly-adopted teaching standard that now requires middle school children to learn that some African Americans benefited from slavery. It is very obvious to conclude that Mr. DeSantis needs to study ancient African history, learn about Timbuktu, Carthage (an ancient African city that defeated the Roman Empire and took elephants to the Swiss Alps in one of the battles), Axum, ancient Egypt, Great Zimbabwe, Shaka, the Zulu King, and many others African great contribution to the tapestry of history. He should then go for a tour of the African American museum in Washington DC, and see the contributions made by African American people from the terrible three centuries they spent as slaves, unpaid laborers, held against their will. These are unpleasant but absolutely true. Rather than bury or whitewash the 300 hundred years of the United States, a better pastime would be to look at how the people brought to and held against their will, contributed to the country’s history. This would be both human and an honest venture.

If Mr. DeSantis still believes that slavery helped teach them a few skills, he should write his own history on the matter, because none of the stuff he is spewing during his campaign for president is supported by history. We agree with sports star Kyrie Irving, who said To The Student About Black People And Slavery: “They Stole Scientists, Doctors, Architects, Teachers… And Made Them Slaves” Mr. DeSantis He should then watch the film (movie) Three Hidden Figures, to really appreciate what he and others like him have tried to hide. Persons that were slaves or descendants of slaves, brought brilliance to America in a diverse expanse of American livelihoods. Then he should go to review the marvelous exploits of the Tuskegee pilots at the World War Two museums and indeed many other contributions of African Americans. This would be a better pastime than erasing a portion of an uncomfortable section of your past.

Although Russia’s Putin does not feature as a human rights defender, it is his inhuman behavior vis attacking a country he claims belongs to Russia, he is scrambling to protect African ties after his ‘War on Grain’ in Ukraine; humiliated he can’t travel to S. A. and in the last ditch to save face, Vladimir Putin will not attend the BRICS summit in South Africa in August and Russia will instead be represented by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the Office of the President of South Africa announced on July 19. The decision was made “by mutual agreement” of the parties. In addition to Lavrov, the leaders of Brazil, India, China, and South Africa will attend the summit. This follows after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants on March 17 for the Russian dictator.

With all the inhuman activities that are taking place in the former leaders of human rights, many are asking ‘Which planet did some of these people drop off from?’ So, as part of a response to such questions and concerns, to declare that it is official, I JayZeedKay, being of sound mind, body, and soul – mother of five children and 16 grandchildren – do as a result of this declare that it is decided, by unanimous poll vote that the western and some eastern countries are no longer fit, qualified, or meet the standards to be referred to as “the guardians of human rights.”

Janet Karim
Janet Karim
Author, high school Learning Disabilities Teacher, candidate Master of Education Special Education, Mason University; highly organized, charismatic and persuasive Communications Specialist and accomplished Journalist, Editor with 41 years in the communications field, offering expertise in all phases of print, broadcast, telecast, and social media productions. Enthusiastic story teller. Highly-motivated and trained media professional possessing exceptional writing and editing skills with ability to draft engaging and effective content; Opinion column contributor for leading national dailies (Maravi Post - 2015-PRESENT; Nation Malawi - 2015-PRESENT; Times Malawi (2004-2007). Other areas of expertise include grant writing and NGO project management. Highly trained in international, regional and local lobbying and election skills. Collaborates with international companies to initiate development policy change and foster public awareness, with deep commitment to social justice and health care equity; especially in work towards women's political, economic, and social empowerment; ending child, early and forced marriage; and promoting the human rights of the elderly. Advocate for highlighting climate change its effects on the planet. International development work experience with the United Nations headquarters (10 years, and two years UNDP field work); field experience (Malawi) - Oxfam, UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO. Superb public speaker who communicates effectively with target audiences through strategic one-to-one or large audiences, expert in event planning and PR campaigns. Conscientious, diplomatic, and tactful in all communicationsg.
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