A 43-year-old man in Ntchisi has committed suicide by hanging himself after his wife refused him marriage reconciliation, police have confirmed.


Ntchisi police spokesman Gladson M’bumpha identified the deceased as Norman Kasokola of Makoza Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chilooko in same district.



According to the district police mouth piece, the incident happened at the deceased house, Makoza Village.



Police report indicate that in November this year the deceased was released from Maula Prison where he was serving his sentence after committing offences of burglary and theft.



It is reported that when the deceased reported back home after being released from Maula Prison, he did not found his wife Joyce which prompted him to go to her wife’s Village at Mkanile in order to find out if she was there.



When the deceased went to her wife’s Village, he found her wife together with five children and he wanted to take her wife and all the children but his wife refused because of some problems she faced during the time when the deceased was in prison.



The deceased reported the matter to Kansonga Police Unit for assistance and on November 28 2018 both parties came to police and the deceased’s party especially relatives refused the deceased to take back the wife to his home.



Police later advised both parties to solve the matter undercover and sent them back home and the people who wanted to assist them delayed to settle down the matter until yesterday when the deceased was found dead after hanging himself inside his house due to family issues.




The matter was reported to Kansonga Police Unit and scene of crime was visited accompanied by  medical personel who conducted postmortem and confirmed death as due to strangulation and no foul play suspected.