Innocent women, children, older persons and people with disabilities, including those with albinism, are being tortured and killed every day due to harmful practices related to manifestations of belief in witchcraft (HPW). Some are hacked to death for their body parts to be used in magic spells. Others are burned and beaten due to the belief they are evil. This is not the 16th Century. It needs to stop. And now you can help bring about this change by supporting the Witch Way Forward Campaign and committing to take action to help prevent some of the 21st Century’s most horrific human rights abuses.

Please help us promote this campaign and encourage your friends and colleagues to join us and save innocent lives.

The Pledge
I pledge to help build a world where people can live freely without fear of suffering human rights abuses due to beliefs in witchcraft. I believe that more action needs to be taken to bring about this change and am therefore:

  • Calling on the UN Human Rights Council to pass a Resolution  outlining steps for countries to take to to prevent further cases of abuse.
  • Appealing to all government and non-governmental actors to take all necessary measures to support survivors of HPW.
  • Imploring faith leaders to do everything in their powers to ensure that faith is used to combat HPW.
  • Committing to help raise awareness about the plight of the thousands of people whose lives have been destroyed due to such beliefs and take steps to help them rebuild them.
  • Showing my solidarity with those today who are experiencing abuse due to beliefs in witchcraft and the key agencies working to support them.

Please sign the petition here

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