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Written by Austin Kajawa

What does it mean for a nation to be rich? GDP per capita adjusted for relative purchasing power provides a clue into that

So, it is said our Country Malawi is rated one of the poorest countries in the world. The government of Malawi has been having socio-economic programs and so much of non-governmental socio-economic programs to alleviate poverty. As a country, it has been receiving so much of interventions from the western as well as Asian side to relieve the socio-economic pressure as a remedy to development.

Malawi has introduced a lot of socio-economic programs and many have been meant to alleviate poverty. It has been so much in talks at the UNGA, African Union Summits and in non-governmental organization meetings and conferences where allowances are most shared that our approach to environment may address issues of forest destruction, however, nature and environment are all gone.

All these destructions began to be heard since the inception of multiparty. To be precise, whatever this generation is worried about is the hypocrisy of the generation before us. This is the reason why the young generation are not given the chance to dominate and be given a chance to address these issues that are a social pressure.

This write up is very provocative and challenging because we are in a critical time such that if the truth in this article is not accepted then we should also accept that we are in a seek and hide to the truth of socio-economic problems faced by our nation.

We have tried involving non-governmental organisations, we have tried grants and so much of not ourselves, but donor conditions have all been attested too. To my surprise what do we get in turn as a nation? The poorest nation in the world and that is the only answer that I know ever since.

The public places that you and I have been visiting are the best examples of underdeveloped country. If one gets satisfied to say that is such the best development, we all need then let us agree that we do not have a problem here.

The issues and stories we hear about our college and university students dropping out of school due to lack of fees now a days sound familiar and stupidly entertained in the houses of the well to do families who even enjoy our public misused funds since we have not let them feel responsible but to worship them and this has always make them feel it a normal routine.

The wide gap between the underprivileged societies to those benefiting is the common denominator that has been created and worshipped. Where are we going? Is this what we have to tell our children when we always wake up to start a day?

Today things are now easy said than done. What type of politics is this, that can only tell people the hope but without implementation? The socio-economic programs that sometimes sound as a relief to the commoner now is the place where politics dwells to paralyze the commoner further without the common good for the real socio-economic welfare address.

It is simple and common today that the graduate youths can only be offered internship programs whether in government or non-governmental agencies to stupidity think this is our everlasting solution to our high unemployment rate.

Ndale zopanda nazo masophenya for Malawi zikupha ziko lathu. People today can comfortably promise to improve our agricultural sector where it sounds to be the only way for the poor but only offer the 30% of it and live the rest as a history.

It is indeed this time that people can promise one million jobs but failing to employ three thousand graduate interns already trained for the period of three years. Are we really realistic? Are we really for Malawians? What kind of politics are we playing in this country, devils’ politics? If it does not help poor Malawians, then who is it helping?

It does not sound to be myself because this is what my fellow youths are asking around the whole place the issue is based. We need considerations as the youths. We need the space in the government mainstream to play our role. We need the chance to prove our capability to transfer the gifts of our time and the skills of our generation to the next generation. Why not giving us the chance? What are you afraid of us?

Malawi that is on the move of democracy is not developmentally growing because of too much politics. However, there is a slight progress because the smart youths like Daud Suleman, Miriam Gwalidi, Bendulo etc.  are involved.

Give the youth a chance!. We want space everywhere because we cannot manage the painting to our bodies anymore celebrating the non-productive appeasement.

The Malawi we want!

Austin Kajawa

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