DOWA-(MaraviPost)-Rawo Football Academy (RFA) on Wednesday 17 January, 2018, installed Spiritual formation within its provisional services at its center at Mtengowanthenga in Dowa.

The installation initiative was championed by Pastor Juma Phiri who has his ministry in Lilongwe at Chisapo who said that as the academy is reaching out to the children to help them take sport as a tool to develop their career and the community; the word of God seals all the good job and they need to be taught the scriptures and realize God’s power.

“This academy is in the community where many people have been denied of such football initiative at grass root level for many years, and the coming of RFA is the answer that God has brought to them and the whole Dowa. As such, these children need to realize that putting God first in everything, they will become successful.

“We need the power of God to be with the leaders of the academy so that this great initiative planted in Dowa should become a success and history for this community. My prayer is that God should bless RFA to find the required resources for running its projects.” said pastor Phiri.

Speaking during the same function the football legend former Malawi International Peterkins Kayira concurred with Pastor Juma Phiri that the word of God is powerful! He said to be a successful footballer you need to rely on God and not juju like other players do.

“Many people have tried juju thinking it can help them become successful in their football career but they have failed. I alone have been so prolific on my football road years back when I used to play for Malawi National Football Team but I never used juju.

“I used to score very important goals for my national team even at club level and some people thought I had juju yet not. Let me also recommend that Football Academy is the best foundation of football in any country and Malawi has done that mistake since football came into field failing to start with academies.” Kayira said when talking to the players at RFA center in Dowa.

On the combination of school and football, Peterkins Kayira said many players have suffered a lot when they hung their boots if they did not invest in formal education. This is because football is a career that relies on one’s strength once that power goes the career ends there.

He advised the kids that they should work very hard in class at school. And he added that as an academy the children will also be offered with some academic education lessons so that they can be able to combine football and education. This can help them to become more successful in life when they grow up.

Concluding everything was the Center Coordinator James Khombe who said that the community is very happy with the project whose impact looks to be so huge. He said many kids have found something to do after classes avoiding them from doing hazardous things to their life.

“Let me reveal that RFA is like an answer that our community has been looking for many years ago. Our kids here have been enlightened on the importance of combining football and academic education. These boys are learning high standard football that everybody is interested in.

“We really hope for the best and we would like to ask all the sport organisations, companies, individuals, and all stakeholders to partner with us so that through those partnerships our academy can accomplish the dreams we have which for sure we know that at the end beneficiaries will be plenty.” Khombe said.