DOWA-(MaraviPost) – The newly opened Rawo Football Academy (RFA) is set to unearth soccer talents among young ones in rural areas.

As non-profit making sport organization, RFA is created to provide activities and opportunities for young people regardless of race, religion, or economic status, in both rural and urban communities.

The academy which is located in the central district of Dowa is designed to implement youth sports programs with academic and social standards that will develop young people into well rounded members of our community.

With its mission to enhance the lives of young people living in both rural and urban areas through sport and activities that is rooted in fun, and education, and ethical principles, the RFA expects much support from the public.

With the vision to be the leading football academy in Malawi and in southern Africa, the academy has four provisional possible age range teams, under 12, 16, 18, and 20

In an exclusive interview with The Maravi Post, Rabson Woodwell, RFA founder and Executive Director hopes to help youths to take sport as a career and to give them the discipline, knowledge and opportunity to be successful in their adult lives.

Woodwell who is also a media practitioner disclosed that expects to provide football career derive, promotion of sport participation, development of football and better performance of Malawi national football team.

He therefore said the academy has started with under 16 and for those who would want to register they can come do so but with the concert of their parents or guardians.

“Actually, the academy when it grows it have its services in both rural and urban areas; but for now as we start we chose the rural area in Dowa because many people know that Dowa communities have for over years been denied of such initiatives and there is no any football initiative in Dowa so we wanted to give it to them first. And the main campus for RFA is in Dowa.

“Ideally we also want to use RFA to help develop the rural areas through other charity works apart from football for example empowering parents or guardians who have their kids at the academy with some loans to do business, offering scholarships to some students and many more,” said Woodwell.

Woodwell who is the sports personality at Nkhoma Radio in the capital Lilongwe said the academy has identified over 30 children who many of them are in the age range of 12-16.

He added that RFA scouts for the students of the academy, students sign dorms with us with the convent of their parents or guardians.

‘So this form it’s what shows that they belong to RFA. The other thing is that the structures that RFA will build in future will improve the community. RFA will have its own arena where there will be classrooms, hostels, and stadium.

“This is so because when we talk of a football academy, it’s supposed to offer both football and academics so that when children grow they should choose whether to continue with football or academics. This is the reason we are seeking partnership from all sports loving stakeholders on this venture”, appeals Woodwell.

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