Staven Duwa
Staven Duwa

Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) said the new reforms which have been agreed on by different electoral managing bodies will help to minimize some challenges during future elections.Speaking during a press conference of signing of a communiqué on the priotized non legislative electoral reforms in Lilongwe organized for Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), Center for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) and Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN), chairperson for Mesn, Steven Duwa said their institution is committed and ready to fulfill the agreements made upon the reforms.

“We are expecting an improvement on the way we used to run elections for instance, there has been delay on distribution of voting materials at polling centers in 2014 elections but this time around we have agreed  on the time frame on when the materials should find their way to polling centers”, said Duwa.

Duwa added that reforms would also help to improve management and transmission of results as current system or acquire software for the management and transmission of results that can quickly indicate problematic results would be improved and piloted three months before the polling day.

He further highlighted that strengthening of voter education and voter information by monitoring accredited organizations to verify availability of resources for them to carry out the work would also help to improve the future elections.

On her part, chairperson for electoral services Jean Matonga said despite MEC being the main players in elections they are looking forward to a great participation of stake holders include political parties, civil society and voters themselves since its a collection activity hence achieving the goal together.

Said Matonga, “As a way of making sure the agreement has been implemented we have put on an action plan to stick on which has been shared amongst the stakeholders which will be used as a check list.

“We are promising to come back to stakeholders when we will come across any challenge in the process of implementation so that we work things together”.

On behalf of political parties under the center for multiparty democracy (CMD), the chairperson Ibrahim Matola expressed his happiness with the new reforms as it would help in improving the election system of the country.

“We are assuring all Malawians to be committed in implementing the reforms and work together with the electoral management bodies so that we change things in  future elections”, said Matola.


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