South African government freezes Prophet Liabunya bank account

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—South Africa government has reportedly frozen a bank account belonging to Malawian born Prophet Austin Liabunya held in that country.

Prophet Liabunya, who has recently been bragging about his fat bank account, has confirmed the news through his facebook post.

“IT’S SO SAD to learn from my Lawyers that they have frozeed my South African FNB account and that I’m under investigation for FRAUD & MONEY LAUNDERING’ like seriously? This is my companies money not mine. And I have worked so HARD to be where I am today but eeh..

“We are living in a time when you receive MILLIONS in your account it’s a problem.

Anyway, my LEGAL team is working on it and this battle, TOO, I shall win in Jesus name!” wrote Liabunya.

On 7th August Liabunya bragged about his wealth on facebook while accusing Malawians of being jealous of him. He even post a screenshot of his bank account which indicated a balance of about 36 million Rands.

“NO WONDER some Malawians are jealous of me especially when they see I am practically a Multi-millionaire and not in Kwachas by the way. They forget the kind of SACRIFICE I have put in. Anyway, I’M BACK in Malawi and the DEVIL is in trouble!” bragged Liabunya.

However, renowned social media legal commentator Negracious Justin, going by the name LordDenning SC on social media trimmed the Prophet to size by exposing the source of money accumulated by the Prophet.

“This ‘prophet’ who is claiming to be a millionaire was staying here in Pretoria. He was struggling to pay his residential house rent. He then started dating this other woman who was paying his rent. He then started jumping from one woman to another.

“The money which he has posted a screenshot of his bank balance is not his. That money belongs to a certain Malawian who has been laundering money through this prophet. Right now vele the hawks are on the trails of that tycoon. Now, this prophet has even displayed the bank account which is cleaning the money. What’s wrong with you Malawians?” posted LordDenning adding “That is a message that I have received from a Zimbabwean friend based in Pretoria.”

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