KDH gets PPEs from Sunseed Oil Company

By Vincent Khonje

As Kasungu District Hospital continues the battle of fighting covid-19 Sunseed Oil Limited has supported the hospital with some personal protective equipment.

The second covid-19 wave has hit the hospital hard with the hospital registering a sharp rise in cases.

According to the director of health and social services Dr Emmanuel Golombe said the new wave has seen the rise of admissions and deaths with 500 positive cases so far.

Golombe said the impact is too big and having the opportunity of receiving PPEs is a relief on the hospital’s part.

“During the first wave we did not have too many admissions but in the last two weeks we have a huge number of people being admitted. So you can see the situation has been overwhelming and receiving support from Sunseed Oil is really a relief,” said Golombe.

Sunseed Oil’s projects manager the company thought of donating PPEs after realizing that it has people in Kasungu who produce raw materials that ti uses and thought of giving back to them.

“We know the hospital is serving the people who we also work with and sometimes the hospital faces challenges to source supplies so we thought we would give them a starter pack,” said Kantikana.

The donated items include gowns, hand sanitizers, masks and face shields and are worth MK1.3 million.

The company also donated PPEs to Kamuzu Central Hospital.

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