5G network suspected to cause Coronavirus

LIMA-(MaraviPost)-Eight technicians in Huancavelica village in peru have been detained over conspiracy theory wrongly linking 5G masts and coronavirus.

Reports revealed that the villagers apprehended the technicians when they came to fix a wireless antenna which they believed it was 5G technology that can spread Covid-19.

The spokesperson for the company, Gilet, that employed the technicians disclosed that the technicians have been held since Wednesday evening and the villagers have vowed to release them once they remove the antennas that they installed in the village.

BBC report unveiled that people across the world have been spreading rumors that links 5G network to coronavirus but scientists have trashed the connection between the two which they say is biologically impossible.

Peru has 215,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus and more than 6,000 deaths.

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