Nowadays there are quite a lot of international programs that are offered for students all around the world. International experience can not only broaden your worldview but also is beneficial for your resume. Start reading not only about the simple study tips and revision techniques but also about the study abroad programs that can make your life more interesting.

In this article you can read about the Top 7 most desirable study abroad programs that provide great opportunities to receive some good qualifications and see the world through the new lenses as well. All the programs below are at least one semester long and are competitive because they are open to less than 500 students. After finishing at least one of these study abroad programs, you may not need an essay assistance because you will probably be so smart that you can even start offering your help to others.

Whether you are a graduate student or a student studying IB/masters’ program, take a look at these amazing international programs:


  • Guilford College

This college is located in the Merano town in the Italian Alps that makes it appealing for many international students. Students not only work and study there but also have excursions in the South Tyrol region and regularly visit European cities such as Munich, Venice and Verona. This program is highly competitive because only 14 students are chosen for spending a semester in Guilford College.

Guilford College
Guilford Collegeis located in the Merano town in the Italian Alps
  • Goshen College

The international program SST in Goshen College in unique and an amazing one. This is something more than a simple study abroad program because apart from studying you have the opportunity to serve a local community and help some people. Volunteering is not only respected by all the employers but also can make you know that you bring something good to the world. This program is divided into two parts and lasts for 13 weeks (3 months). Thus, you can spend a whole summer working, studying and studying new cultures. What can be better?

Students spend their time with the local families during the first half of the semester. They can study new language and culture with other students. In the second half of the semester students work as the volunteers on a project that is aimed to help the local village. Goshen College Program was founded in 1968 and more than 7700 students participated in it since that time.

  • Northeastern University

This university offers a Dialogue of Civilizations program that consists of student exchanges (students of Northeastern University and of different other universities all over the world).Students can choose a country of their interest and language they want to learn. The main feature of this program is the discussions held between students and local leaders on the topics about politics, globalization, environment and economics. If you are interested in at least one of these topics, then it is worth applying to the international program in Northeastern University for you.

  • West Virginia University

There are numerous study abroad programs in this university, which aim is to give students the opportunity to see different cultures and have the experience that is impossible to have on campus. Students of WVU program can choose the country that interests most of all. For example, there are options of studying in Romania, Vietnam, Greece, Turkey and Poland.

  • Loyola Marymount University

The study abroad programs in this university are one semester long. However, all of them have interesting locations. For example, you can choose to study engineering or film studies in Bonn, Germany. In addition, a popular destination is London. This great city offers multiple perspectives for students. Working, studying and living in London is a perfect opportunity for you to see the business world at its best example. Moreover, you can study in LMU’s department in Moscow, Russia. Do not be afraid of bears (they live only in Siberia), but be prepared for attending different performances and seeing one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  • Skidmore College

This program for international students is a perfect choice for those students, who want to learn French or develop their skills. Skidmore College is located in Paris (in the very city center). A new topic is chosen each semester and uniquely designed for students, who have a little knowledge of French. In addition, you will live not in the students’ accommodation but in the host French family house that makes your experience even brighter.

  • Trinity College

There are two timeframes you can choose from to spend time in Cape Town: one is for a semester and the second one is for one year. Cape-Town is a country with rich history and multiple cultures that is still recovering from the racial oppression and class system. Apart from studying in this country, the students are required to have an internship at local museum, clinic or school to be engaged in a life of community.

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